Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein) to produce 150,000 ampoules of anti-venom


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The building of BPI Pharmaceutical Factory in Insein Township, Yangon. Photo: Myint Maung Soe

Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein) under its famous brand name BPI will produce 150,000 ampoules of freeze-dried anti-venom which can be kept at normal temperature in remote areas.
The factor said the number of deaths caused by bites of cobra, viper and other venomous animals was reduced as necessary treatments were in
“ Our pharmaceutical factory (Insein) BPI is planning on manufacturing 150,000 ampoules of antivenom. Yearly requirement of Ministry of Health and sports is estimated to be 120,000 to 130,000 ampoules. The rest are manufactured to keep standby for other organizations. Now, anti-venom is freeze-dried so that it is unnecessary to keep it refrigerated. So, in case of emergency, timely treatments can be given in villages where electricity is not available. Number of deaths caused by snakebite has dropped lately” said General Manager of Pharmaceutical Factory ( Insein) BPI, Dr Aung Zaw.
In 2017- 2018 fiscal year, the factory manufactured 120,000 ampoules and Ministry of Health and Sports bought most of them. This fiscal year 150,000 ampoules was produced and 130,000 was sold to Ministry of Health and Sports.
Anti-venom has, now, been produced enough for the nation, and to extend market,500 ampoules were exported to Laos and Cambodia as trial in 2017-2018 fiscal year. This fiscal year WHO bought 2000 ampoules of anti-venom and 2000 ampoules of anti –cobra venom.
All anti-venom ampoules are freeze-dried. The standby ampoules are saved for Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence Services, social security dispensaries and NGOs.—Myint Maung Soe
(Translated by Alphonsus)

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