Performance of Kayah State Government in Second Year in Office

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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and youths in Kayah State discuss several issues including peace and development at the Peace Talk in Loikaw, Kayah State. Photo: MNA

Two years have passed since Kayah State government has been serving for the interest of brethren living in the state focusing on regional development. The state is home to nine tribes of Kayah stock – Kayah, Kayan, Kayaw, Gaekho, Gaebar, Yinbaw, Yintale, Manu Manaw and Kayan Lahta – and also living together with them are Shan, Inntha and Bamar.
During the second year in office, the government paid attention on development of tourism industry.
“It is known to local people that the number of tourists visiting to the state is more than the previous year’s total number. There is a great potential for increasing the number. As it is said attention is paid on tourism, here arises a question: What is the initiation the state government made? The first step is opening border trade camp and introducing border trade. The second step is signing of MoU on sister-city between Mae Hong Son District and Loikaw, Kayah State.” said Kayah State Chief Minister U L Phaung Sho.
“We want the people know how job opportunities are created and how to earn livelihoods by promoting tourism industry through cooperation.” he said.

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Kayah State Chief Minister U L Phaung Sho opens the new building of Kayah General Hospital in Loikaw, Kayah State. Photo: Phoe Khwar

As accessibility is a must in promoting tourism industry, the state government has been taken necessary measures to ensure good transportation upgrading road networks in the state.
State Transportation and Electricity Minister U Khin Maung Phyu said, “All the roads constructed by the Road Department under the Ministry of Construction are tarred roads. Roads in towns are now in the process of covering Asphalt Concrete. All the bridges in the states are concrete ones. Regarding electricity, the state enjoys 35% out of the whole country which covers 70 % in the state.”
“This is aimed at emerging a good foundation for generations to come. We are now trying our best for them and they have to shoulder the duty by themselves in the future.” he said.
To attract tourists at home and abroad, a water route from Hekhon to Inle via Moebye was made in addition to sightseeing on board motorboats along Bilu creek and opening of Naungya Lake night bazaar.
These are the performances made during the second year in office of the state government.
State Hluttaw Chairman U Hla Htwe made comments on these undertakings saying, “Thanks to these efforts, dwellers of Kayah state have a chance to take a rest and other visitors can enjoy the beauties of our state.”

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Lawpita Hydroelectric Power Plant located in Kayah State. It is operated by Electric Power Generation Enterprise. Photo: Phoe Khwar

One of the locals expressed his feelings saying, “I’m very glad to witness developments in our state. I’ve noticed that there are many more visitors from abroad as well as from home. I’m also pleased to know our state government is taking measures to create job opportunities and resort centers for us.”
According to state government, Loilimlay and Nanthpekhone villages were upgraded into a town levels during the second year of its in office.
The chief minister said that he believed all the villagers in the two villages would be happy for upgrading their villages into towns; that it was not enough to satisfy with the result; that the state government would fulfill all the needs including supplying water and electricity and building roads; that people, for their part, are to maintain these facilities for their sustainability; and that it was pleased to create Balu creek water route for tourism promotion but this was not the end, inns and bungalows are to be built.
The chief minister admitted that there were pros and cons in implementing road projects, supplying water and electricity and promoting tourism industry and thus he and his government members are trying to promote the strong points by reducing the weak points.
Greening the environs is one of the undertakings carried out by Kayah State government.
“To recover the deforestation during the past decade, reforestation measures are being taken putting teak on 50 acres land, and firewood plantations on 35 acres in Loikaw, Dimawhso, Prusho, Bawlake, Hpasaung and Maese Townships. There only left two towships-Shardaw and Ywathit. For this achievement, we heard that headquarters in Nay Pyi Taw has a plan to award prizes.” the chief minister said. “One of the weak points is receiving a small budget. The plantations have been destroyed by cows and buffaloes of nearby villages. But according to rules, if 65 out of 100 is survived it is a success.” said State Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conversation U Teerei.
Conducting vocational training courses for villagers is one of the performances carried out by the state government. Regardless of graduated person or not, courses on weaving, making jams, soap, shampoo, and sewing machine, basic mechanical courses, welding coursed are conducted to reach right down to villages.
Animal reproduction is relayed for villagers. Before sending the animals, methods how to apply is provided. Regarding farm products, high yield strains are distributed to farmers. Three billion kyat is earmarked for implementing water supply project on Nantabet and Pun creeks. As the task depends mainly on budget received, it cannot be carried out with might and main. But, within five years, the project can be completed to supply water to remote villages facing water scarcity, said the chief minister.
To conserve traditional heritages of Kayah people, Literature and Culture Office is set up in Loikaw. This programme will expose the rights of ethnic people, and promote their literature and culture.
“Now it is witnessed that many encouragements are being made to promote the birthrights of ethnic people.
Kayah Hluttaw approved Kayah Sate Museum and Library Law, Certificate Law and Awarding Law. It also approved curriculum drawn by National Literature and Culture Committee. “it is very much important to serve the interest of farmers. In that regard grab land are returned to owners.” said the chief minister. Hluttaw representative Dr. Khin Sithu said, “I want people to put their trust on us as well as on the Tatmadaw. Not paying lip service, but walking one’s talking would surely win their trust. This will be achieved through the efforts of the people, the Tatmadaw and the government. Kayah State government is trying its best to fulfill the needs of people by carrying out regional development undertakings.



By Shin Min

(Translated By Wallace)

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