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Pearl farms in Taninthayi Region to welcome tourists in October

A veiw of Pearl farm in Taninthayi Region.Pearls are collected by first gathering the mussels from the nets in the Pearl farm. 
A veiw of Pearl farm in Taninthayi Region.Pearls are collected by first gathering the mussels from the nets in the Pearl farm.

With the aims of developing the tourism sector, earning foreign income and creating job opportunities for local people, local and foreign tourist will be permitted to visit farms owned by four private companies and a state-owned farm in Taninthayi Region starting from October according to Myanmar Pearl Enterprise.
A state-own pearl farm and 11 private pearl farms are located on 15 islands in Myeik and Kawthoung districts, Taninthayi Region. State-own farm on Pearl Island and private farms on Jalan Island, Golden Island, Nga Lone La Phe Island and Done Palae Island will be opened for visitors. Only one island namely Palae Island is in Myeik District and the other four islands are in Kawthoung District. “Tourist vessels are not allowed to enter into the pearl farming area. Tourist vessels will have to anchor outside the restricted area and relevant farms will pick up the tourists using their small fiber boats. If the time of visit coincides with inserting of pearl nucleus into the oyster and extracting of the pearl from the oyster, tourist can observe the operation from a designated area. Rules and regulations for tourist industry on this matter will be announced soon,” said U Myo Lwin, Deputy General Manager of Myanmar Pearl Enterprise.

Worker on a pearl farm placing sand in an oyster shell to grow a cultured pearl. Photo: Khine Htoo (IPRD)

“Tourists need to follow the rules and regulations set by authorities in order to preserve the environment, to secure the work site safety and not to affect the pearl industry. Related pearl farm will pick up the tourists using their small boats. So fuel and other service charges of Ks 15,000 for a local visitor and US$ 15 for a foreign visitor will be collected,” said U Myo Lwin.
“Once the pearl farms are opened for visitors, it will provide additional benefit to the tourism industry. Myeik region is known for pearl cultivation and many people want to visit the pearl farming. Visitors will be allowed on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays as the farm works must not be disrupted by daily visits as there is only one farm in Myeik District. If tours to other pearl farms are arranged on alternate days, it will be more appropriate,” said Dr. Thein Swe Myint, the chairman of Myeik Tourism Entrepreneurs Association. Visitors to the farms can see the processes of pearl production. Authorities will make arrangement to enable opening refreshments and souvenirs shops for visitors. According to Myanmar Pearl Enterprise, tourism agencies are to inform farm officials one day ahead of the visit. As Myanmar Pearl Enterprise and private pearl production companies cooperate to boost tourism industry in Taninthayi Region, it will certainly develop tourism industry, create job opportunities and generate income for local people.— Khine Htoo (IPRD)

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