Peace can only be achieved through understanding

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  • For nearly seventy years, peace, stability and development in Myanmar have fallen victim to conflict. Our people over successive generations have seen their socio-economic situation and morale undermined, while our country’s future has been gradually corroded.
    Peace is concerned with all the people. The peace talk between the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and local people in Pakokku two days ago represents what our people have been waiting for almost seventy years to witness the ray of hope for a better future.
    We need right leaders and right followers in the democratic system to achieve our goals, including peace in the country.
    The right people are the most valuable resource to choose the right leaders and to become right followers. Because, in a democratic system, we have to choose our own leaders. Democracy is people-based.
    The most important thing for our people is to be aware of their part of the responsibility for establishing democracy in the country.
    If the people are qualified, it is very difficult for an unqualified government to come into power. The better the people are, the better the government will be. It is important for the people to be courageous and dignified in standing firm on what they believe.
    While looking at the future, we need to look at and tackle the present challenges. We should not let ourselves be trapped in the past.
    At the peace talk, one participant said that there is no peace because there is a lack of understanding. Lack of understanding has created challenges on the way of achieving peace.
    There is a saying by American essayist and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding”. It is a precious saying for everyone around the world who loves peace. If we desire a society of peace, we need understanding with each of others. We cannot achieve such a society through violence.
    Understanding is based on respect to other. Only with respect can a person listen. We need to discard anything that affects peace. And we need to encourage anything that will bring about peace. In this, the people need to participate.
    We want to bring peace which is lasting and permanent that gives support to every Myanmar.
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