Parties, electorate must choose best candidates

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By Myint Win Thein

IN the upcoming general election, the people will elect more than 1,000 parliamentary representatives. It is an opportunity to select the best candidates for the country’s administrative, judicial and legislative branches.
At the moment, political parties are selecting their candidates through a variety of processes in which the people do not have a say. The voters are still waiting for their time to come.
Some political parties choose wealthy candidates for financial reasons, while others choose young, popular people to attract the youth vote. Some political parties choose experienced politicians, while other choose naïve people who are eager to listen to their leaders.
It is essential that they select the best people for the country. Myanmar cannot afford any naïve politicians for its future, as it has been suffering the worst conditions for decades under successive governments. Political parties and the electorate both have a responsibility to pick the best possible candidates.

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