Parental involvement vital to children’s academic success

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All parents dream of seeing their children become educated, but not all can realise this dream. People tend to hold schools accountable for their children’s learning and development, praising them for every success and blaming them for every failure.
In fact, parents have a huge part to play in supporting and encouraging their children’s academic achievement. There has been convincing evidence of a link between active parental involvement and children’s achievement in school.
Despite this, those living hand-to-mouth often see no other option than taking their children out of school, viewing money and work as the key to survival. No parent would feel happy with their children forced out of school.
To break this cycle, we should all do everything we can to help underprivileged parents overcome their hardship. In this respect, the first thing we need to do is teach parents that education can change their lives for the better. This can’t succeed, however, without the involvement of the government and social organizations.
There is every reason to believe that parental involvement can result in substantial benefits to children and society as a whole. Financial support and moral encouragement should be given to low-income families so that they can heighten their expectations for their children.

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