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Knowledge and Education

Now, a new era, a new age is upon us. It is, as we all know, “Knowledge-age”. So, in this […]


The Skytrain System

[dropcap color=”#1e73be” font=”0″]A[/dropcap]fter contributing two articles on the subject of easing traffic jams in Yangon, I thought I had said […]


Why improve communication skills

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″ font=”0″]C[/dropcap]ommunication skills are the abilities to convey our ideas, feelings, attitudes, perceptions, wants, needs, knowledge, etc. in a […]


Impact of Advertisements

[dropcap font=”0″]A[/dropcap]dvertisements aim to effectively inform as many people as possible about the quality, benefit, and price of a product, […]


Myanglish….Singlish….Hinglish etc.,

[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]t is obvious to see that Myanmar Youngsters those who are students from secondary levels to tertiary levels are […]

Hot News
Hot News
Myanmar exports fresh chilli to Thailand via Myawady border
Chickpea price up by K40,000 per bag within one month
External trade drops 21 per cent as of 20 Aug
300 companies struck off register due to AR absence in July: DICA
Tial Thang faces shock loss to Song Min Jong with unanimous decision
27 August 2021
Lorries are seen carrying liquid oxygen tanks and transporting them to the needed areas.
Imports of anti-COVID-19 equipment, medical products continue
Myanmar attends 24th ASEAN DGICM through videoconferencing to discuss initial steps of Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC)
Union Minister for Industry inspects DaikU starch plant, Thagara industrial region in Bago