Ownership of policy can ensure success

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For a policy to be successfully implemented, all levels within an organization, from the leadership to the rank-and-file, must have a sense of ownership over it.
Generally speaking, policies are laid down by the leadership of an organization without involvement of lower-level members.
However, it is necessary for all levels to work together for the success of the organization.  A policy therefore should not be implemented without the contribution of lower-level members. Leaders should present it to all members and make ownership of it organization-wide.
To do so, it is necessary for leaders to include the rank-and-file in discussions, even before a policy is laid down. When this is done, all members of the organization will feel the policy is of their making and have a stake in ensuring it is implemented and followed.
When the rank-and-file feel like true stakeholders, they can be more productive and contribute to greater success for the organization.
In this sense, a policy laid down by all members of the organization is better than one merely instituted from the top. It is clearly beneficial for organizations to invite the participation of all members before implementing a policy.

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