Opportunists must not influence reform plans


Reform plans are implemented to improve the operations companies, government and other institutions. Many stakeholders are often involved in the implementation of such plans.
Sometimes, the introduction of new plans creates opportunities for those involved in the planning process. When planners start thinking of their own benefit, the original aims of the reform can fall by the wayside.
Steadfast intentions are needed for a long-term reform plan to succeed. Involvement of opportunists can result in the reform plan doing more harm than good. Implementation of reform plans therefore needs continual monitoring.
Transition periods are often needed during times of significant change, especially in politics. While some people involved in reform processes may have credentials from past endeavours, it does not guarantee their suitability for the task at hand. Some have sincere views toward development, while others seek to grasp opportunities from the reform process.
“Change” in politics should be synonymous with “development” or “evolution.” It should not represent a chance for opportunists who only consider their own interest.

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