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Ye htut
Union Minister for Information U Ye Htut. Photo: U Ye Htut’s FB

Union Information Minister U Ye Htut advises Suu Kyi’s sons to apply for Myanmar citizenship

WASHINGTON should lift economic sanctions unconditionally as Myanmar has now reached a stage to hand over the responsibilities of the State to the NLD government, said U Ye Htut, Union Minister for Information, to VoA while attending the US-ASEAN Summit in Sunnylands in California State.
Asked what Myanmar would discuss at the summit, the Union Minister said he would call on the Obama government to continue to help the next government and that he would discuss prompt lifting of US economic sanctions.
“We’ve exerted our utmost effort to effectuate national economic development, but they haven’t lifted all the sanctions. Some are not yet lifted at all, they’ve just suspended the sanctions. As the election results have lifted Myanmar’s democratic transition up to a higher stage, what would be most helpful is unconditional lifting of all economic sanctions,” noted the Union Minister for Information.
Regarding the transfer of presidency, they should have no doubt at all as the top-level US officials have visited Myanmar before and during the election period, he added.
When asked why president U Thein Sein cancelled this US visit, Minister U Ye Htut replied that now is the time to effectuate a transition which requires thorough preparations, that to ensure stability and prevalence of law and order, the president decided to be within the country to monitor these circumstances.
“We believe ASEAN should go beyond the region to ensure regional stability and development and that both US and China are required to be involved deeply in the regional affairs. But we would not allow the US-ASEAN relation to be exploited to contain a country in East Asia,” said the Union Information Minister when asked if Washington had a motive to take pre-emptive measures to be ahead of China in terms of trade activities in southeast Asia region.
Responding to a question about Article 59(f) of the constitution, the minister said “we are not against the constitutional amendment. They can amend whatever article from the constitution they want, but they must do so according to the amendment procedures enshrined in the constitution. What I am talking about is that we’re against the suspension of Article 59(f). There is no such provision as suspension in the constitution. In the case of 1959, too, the 1947 constitution was not suspended in its literal sense. Actually, 59(f) needn’t be suspended or amended. If the two sons want their mother to become the president, they and their wives can apply for Myanmar citizenship according to the 1982 Immigration Law. This is in fact their family matter.”—Myanmar News Agency

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