No more clashes of wills

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After six decades of a standstill worsened by serious deteriorations in education and the economy, the time has come for the government soon to be formed by the National League for Democracy (NLD) to pursue common goals together with other key players to such an extent that a political will is in place to shape our common future. At this juncture, action plans need to be precisely delineated.
It will, however, be highly undesirable if these decision makers show disrespect to common consent and dismiss the very people who entrust them with the tasks to bring about peace, stability and development across the country. Frankly speaking, no government has a divine right to rule. The responsibility of a democratically elected government is just to run the country according to the will of the people.
Although economic growth and quality education can contribute to political stability and national development, it will be unwise of us to compromise our natural resources on sustainable development. Careful consideration should be given to the fact that any country where poverty, inequality, corruption and bribery are endemic is liable to collapse into violence and conflict at any moment. A glance at the world’s political history is sufficient to explain such instances.
On the whole, it is absolutely imperative that all the stakeholders come to the sense that a compromise agreement can work where an all-inclusive agreement is hard to reach. Thus, there is no time to waste in rounds of negotiations that would turn out to be none but another clash of wills.

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