National Unity Party presents its policy, stance and work program

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U Han Shwe, Vice-Chairman of National Unity Party.

Vice-Chairman of National Unity Party U Han Shwe presented the party’s policy, stance, work programs and other issues from radio and TV on 3 September. Following is a translation of the text:

Esteemed people,

I wish you all Mingalabar!
Soon by-election will be held for the vacant seats of the Hluttaw representatives of the respective constituencies. The National Unity Party (NUP) will stand for the election at Thabeikkyin Township constituency 1 for Mandalay Region Hluttaw.
NUP was established 30 years ago, and since then the party has been standing firmly in unity. We have a firm policy and guidance, based on the “benefit of the majority”. We have also adopted “Myanmar way of serving the public interest” as means to realize this policy. We are always on the “middle path” to avoid extremes in carrying out the work programs of the party. The adoption and exercising of the party policy, programs and actions are always in harmony.
The party is resolutely exercising collective leadership, collective responsibility and collective accountability in accordance with its constitutional principles, while staying away from the policy of relying on an individual.
The party has strongly stood for 30 years because of the loyalty, zeal, perseverance, endurance, capabilities and sacrifices of the members. It is the touchstone of our party.
The representative who will stand for the coming by-election from Thabeikkyin Township constituency 1 for Mandalay Region Hluttaw is U Nyi Nyi. He is a native of Leikkya Village in Thabeikkyin Township. As he is a native, people of the whole township know everything about him. So, we believe that we don’t need to present anything about him. He can be tested from any angle.
Under the multi-party democratic culture, there may be flaws if we elect a candidate only in consideration of the party, without knowing who they are. And if a candidate is elected regardless of the party they are representing for, it can be an imperfect selection. So, in all seriousness, I, on behalf of the NUP, would suggest the voters to study in detail both the party and the candidate before casting a ballot.

Party Logo.

Esteemed voters,
Recently, farmers and their families and rural people in five regions and states faced flooding because of the terrible weather conditions. The government, the people, the political parties, social organizations have been collectively providing help for the victims. Hundreds of thousands of acres of crops were destroyed in the agricultural sector which is the nation’s lifeblood. We resolutely accept the fact that all-inclusive efforts for the rehabilitation of the farm industry of the rural people is the main task.
Our party regards the restoration of all damaged homes, roads, bridges, schools, powerlines as a special priority. It needs help from all quarters.
Farmers faced the terrible Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Since then they have been facing the bad impacts of climate change annually. They are not happy at their work as they are facing lack of capital, shortage of farm labourers, high expenses of farm-related materials, unstable farm market and unreliability of the farm permits almost annually.
The country now has the Law of Protection of the Farmer Rights and Enhancement of their Benefits. But the rights and benefits enshrined in the law have not been fully realized. Hence the party will render a helping hand for the soonest realization of the provisions of the law.

Esteemed people,
The minimum wage for workers has been increased to Ks4,800. But the unhealthy national economy pushes the commodity prices further skyward. The workers cannot enjoy the benefits as the rise in wages is always followed by the hike in prices. So, the policy of “wage vs commodity price” should be adopted for the long-term interest of the workers.
There are also difficulties resulting from factory closures, layoffs, changes in operations, and the failure to fully realize the provisions of the existing laws.
The party has already formed action teams for protecting and enhancing the rights of workers in regions and states. These teams will do their best to protect and promote the workers’ rights.
When the budget for the amended fiscal year was presented at the Hluttaw, there appeared the record budget deficit of nearly Ks5,000 billion for the fiscal year 2018-2019. The State will surely apply tax as one of the means to remedy the deficit. Tax should not be a burden to the people. So, taxation policies should be adopted and campaigns should be launched to prevent the tax from becoming a burden.

Esteemed voters,
Peace is a national cause as well as the future of the country. The work of realizing democracy and a federal union mainly depends on the success of the peace process. In this regard, our party is in the mission of partaking in the peace process with all-out efforts.

Our stance for the success of the peace process are:
– Participation of all the ethnic armed organizations as signatories of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA);
– Successful holding of the national level political dialogue;
– Emergence of a Union based on democracy and federalism;
– Adoption of policies on national defence and security.

We will be deeply involved in the peace process while embracing the above mentioned points.
As regards the issue in Rakhine State, the reactions of certain foreign organizations and countries, besides local organizations, are based on the false information and comments of the West media, while ignoring the true situation and acts of the nation. Our party regards such deeds amount to insulting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation.
Together with the people, the NUP will stand against the interferences in the sovereignty, threats against a territory of the Union, and all acts endangering the peace and progress of Rakhine State, based on the Rakhine issue.

Esteemed people and voters,
Now I have presented a brief account of the stance and work programs of our party and our candidate of Thabeikkyin Township constituency 1, so that people will cast their votes after thoroughly studying both the party and the candidate.
I would request the people to vote for our candidate who will truly serve the interests of the State, the region and the entire people.
I wish you all health and happiness!
Thank you.

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