National United Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

National United Democratic Party Chairman U Sein Win presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 2 October.

Greetings esteemed people and farmers.
I am Chairman U Sein Win of the National United Democratic Party (N.U.D), and I will be contesting for the Pyithu Hluttaw seat of Lewe constituency.

Party’s policies, work programmes
I will summarize our party’s policies and work programmes. We are a party for the farmers formed with farmers, labourers and experts. The farmers and residents of rural areas must be prosperous to elevate their living standards, and the right people with the right skills need to be appointed to suitable positions for actual changes and development to take place.
We are the only party who will bring about the formation of a farmers’ union to freely bring development and protection of the rights of farmers in rural areas who make up 70% of Myanmar’s population.
We will lay the foundation for improving the agricultural, livestock and fishery sector and raise the national economy. We will prioritize rural development. We will strive for a Constitution that promises a Federal Democratic Union.
We will create jobs so that migrant workers can return home and find employment. We will prevent exploitation and waste of natural resources and set regulations that benefit local people.
We will find peaceful solutions to resolve conflicts and issues with armed organizations. We will work together with experts and ethnic leaders and representatives of the people in agriculture, business, education, healthcare, and ethnic affairs.
N.U.D party will pursue legal routes to prevent losses when resolving unfair land confiscation cases.
We will focus on the issue of low sources of investment for farmers, providing them with farming machinery, getting connected to a water supply and proper use of water, enabling them to produce high-quality products, protection from climate change, and acquiring guarantees for market share and acceptable prices for their products.
N.U.D party will always respect the ideals of Galon Sayar San, Thakin Poe Hla Gyi and Bo Aung Kyaw and strive to implement their objectives as appropriate.
Our party will have 15 candidates contesting for seats in the following ten townships: Mogok, PyinOoLwin, Myittar, Pyinmana, Zabuthiri, Dekkhinathiri, Lewe, Yedashe, Maubin and Kyaiklat.
While our party may not currently have the strength to form a government, we will bravely carry out our duties in the Hluttaw to bring about a clean and good government with the available power we have. Thus, we request you to vote for our party representatives if you think they have the required qualities.

1. To bring the rural residents out of poverty
2. To assist people in reclaiming unfairly-confiscated-land
3. To work hand-in-hand with experts and professionals
4. To practise correctness about people, place, duties, systems, ethics, spirit, and action,
Vote for N.U.D.
We have successfully helped people of Lewe Township reclaim confiscated land in Ayelar, Thaekawgyi, Thawmawgone, Kyaungyi, Kuthabeik, Ayechantha, Pyanchi, Nyaung Motesate, Yaykar, Bogadaw, and Hsipaing.
We worked together with residents of Kyogone and Theyetgone and found solutions to acquiring dam water.
We helped with getting Form-7 for forest space in Zali Nghat Gyi Taung, Thit Kyein, Sanpya and Bogadaw.
We also helped with matters related to trade, road networks, Theyetgone, electricity, Kyogone, and national registration. We helped with all requests from all regions of Myanmar.
We helped Lisu people in Mogok Township get 1,600 national registration cards, and we are cooperating in reclaiming confiscated land in PyinOoLwin and across Myanmar.
We have taken matters relating to regional development, roads, bridges, electricity and schools from respective townships and submitted them as non-asterisk-marked questions in the Hluttaw.
I have served as the Chairman of the farmers, workers and youth affairs committee from 2015 to 2016.
We have submitted proposals to the Hluttaw regarding food reserve, lending short-term and long-term loans to prevent farmers from selling draught animals, crop prices and market share, and forming a market system for farmers. However, we were unsuccessful because we didn’t have enough strength in the Hluttaw. We need representatives for farmers in the Hluttaw.
As a Pyithu Hluttaw representative for Maubin, I participated in the 4th stage of amending 420 articles in the Constitution.

N.U.D party has made several statements in the Hluttaw:
• (11-7-2012, Pyithu Hluttaw) There needs to be peace at the village level for development at the township level, which will, in turn, drive national growth. That is why we need to develop the village first.
• (13-7-2012, Pyithu Hluttaw) For the development of the national economy, it’s crucial to have a sound system between the people in administration and the people under administration. If there isn’t a proper system between the government and the people, it doesn’t matter if America or even three other countries come to our aid, we will still be in poverty.
• (13-2-2013, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) We need to implement clear and precise work programmes concerning how we will handle the benefits, interests and opportunities of farmers.
• (13-2-2013, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) A democratic government needs to give back the unfairly-confiscated-land and offer compensation. You cannot safely allow the tiger to herd the cattle.
• (17-1-2014, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) In terms of a democratic agricultural perspective, the roots must spread wide for the trunk to grow well. Many branches will grow on a strong trunk and produce as many fruits. We need to work hard to develop the fruits of democracy.
• (23-9-2014, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw) The farmers who’ve had their land confiscated are now like crows staring at a spirit offering; their time wasted.
• (8-2-2018, Pyithu Hluttaw) Successive governments across multiple systems through the years have shouted for ‘changing traditional farming to industrial farming’ for nearly 50 years. However, there is still no practical implementation with the situation as unchanged as ever.
In conclusion, N.U.D party is formed with honesty, purity and reasonable beliefs to establish a Federal Democratic Union through cooperation with farmers and workers from rural areas and experts. Indeed, we are a farmers’ party. We will produce tangible results and match our words with our action. We are resolving the unfair-land-confiscation problems as well. If you want to vote for us, put a tick beside the khaki-earth flag with the full moon and farmer image.

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