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National policy needed to ensure appropriate environment for people with disabilities

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A press conference concerning the latest developments of the people with disabilities.

The government needs a national-level policy to set up an appropriate environment for people with disabilities, said an official from the Myanmar Disabled Association.
There should be appropriate transportation for people with disabilities to be able to participate in education and in the economic sector, said U Nay Lin Soe, Director of Myanmar Disabled Association.
The Yangon City Development Committee needs to find appropriate ways for the people with disabilities to conveniently travel in its future town development projects, he added.
“The regional and the City Development Committee are needed to build a special path for the disabled to travel in their wheelchairs,” said U Myo Set Aung, Yangon region director of Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement.
“But there are some difficulties for the arrangement because there are electric lampposts on both sides of the road.
There are over 2.4 million people with disabilities in
Myanmar, two per cent of them, are graduates and
most are not educated, it is learnt from the Myanmar Disabled Association.

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