Myanmar sends over 30,000 rice bags to China through Muse daily

By Nyein Nyein

More than 30,000 rice bags are daily exported to China through Muse 105th mile trade zone, said U Min Thein, Vice Chairman of Muse rice depot.
At the present time, about 50 trucks carrying 640 rice bags are entering the Muse trade zone, and then, the rice bags are kept sending to China, he continued. “We deliver the rice to China as much as there is supply at the zone. Over 30,000 bags are daily traded,” he stated. Additionally, the export price of rice to China is pretty high beginning the early October. The prices of low-quality rice move in the ranges between 124 and 136 Yuan per 50-kg bag depending on the rice varieties, Muse rice depot indicated.
“The price is good. Earlier, we got only 2 Yuan (about K400) profit per bag. Now, the profit increased to 4-6 Yuan per bag”, the Vice Chairman of Muse Rice Depot added. China has consumption requirement of about K80,000 bags per day. Only over 30,000 bags can be sent to China due to the transportation difficulties and the tight security measures in China amid the COVID-19 crisis, he maintained.
“If there is smooth transport in Myanmar side and relaxation and reopening of the checkpoint in China, Myanmar is able to fulfil the requirement in China’s market. We see the market potential this year, he highlighted. Myanmar has opened four border trade zones with China; Muse and Chinshwehaw in Shan State, and Kampaiti and Lweje in Kachin State. Majority of the trade is carried out through Muse land border. There are many gates at Muse trade zone, and only Mang Weing are now available for trading. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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