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Myanmar Rice Federation to assist in replanting paddy in flooded and inundated farms

Rice fields in Thongwa are submerged in flood waters. Photo: ko kyaw (Thongwa)

The Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) announced yesterday that it would assist in the replantation of paddy in time in flooded and inundated farms.
Farmers who had their farms flooded or inundated should contact the MRF head office telephones 01-218266 to 68 and 01-2301128 and 29.
Commenting on the announcement to provide assistance, MRF general secretary U Ye Min Aung said, “At the moment, relief works are being conducted by the government together with relevant organisations in flooded and inundated areas. When the water recedes and re-development works are conducted, MRF will assist farmers in the rice-producing areas of Bago Region, Mon State and Kayin State, so that there would not be any effect on rice production.
That is why the announcement was made today to provide required inputs to farmers facing difficulties. To provide assistance effectively, it needs to be based on actual facts. Some news reported nowadays is speculative and opinionated and not based on facts. As such, we are discussing and coordinating with relevant organisations to obtain actual facts. Paddy can remain submerged underwater for a certain period. That is why the damage of the situation needs to be assessed when the water recedes. We will cooperate with government organisations, Hluttaw representatives and partner organisations. Preparations and studies are being conducted now so that timely replanting, if and where necessary, can be done.”


Shin Min

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