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Myanmar-China border trade reaches over $2.5 billion

Trucks seen at 105-mile trade zone Muse, northern Shan State.  Photo: Phoe Khwa

Border trade between Myanmar and China from 1 April to 17 August, during the six month interim period prior to the next 2018-2019 financial year has reached over US$ 2.5 billion. Myanmar’s export volume is more than its imports, according to a report from the Ministry of Commerce.
Myanmar-China trade volume reached $2,538.39 million, consisting of $1,852.84 million in exports and $685.548 million in imports, according to figures released by the Commerce Ministry.
Myanmar-China trade volume reached $2,181.18 million, with an export volume of $1.496.54 million and import volume of $684.64 million during the previous year, 2017-2018.
The four border gates linking China are Muse in northern Shan state, Lwejel in Kachin State, Chin Shwehaw in northeastern Shan State and Kanpikete in Kachin State, Muse border gate is the largest trade transaction zone between the two neighbors.
Myanmar exported rice, fish, timber, beans, sesame, clothing, aquatic products, rubber, minerals and other goods to China. Myanmar imported machines, machine parts, electrical devices, electronic gadgets, chemicals, fertilizers, medicine, dairy products and other items from China.

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