Myanma Timber Enterprise to sell teak, hardwood through open tender


Myanma Timber Enterprise announced on Saturday that it will sell teak and hardwood round logs and sawn timbers by the open tender system in US dollars.
The forest products include more than 1,240 tons of teak logs, 410 tons of teak hand-sawn and conversion, 184 tons of hard wood  logs including Padauk, 7,380 tons of hard wood logs including In-Kanyin, Sagawa and Thinwin and about 905 tons of hardwood hand-sawn conversion, according to the announcement of the enterprise of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.
The announcement statement that the open tender sales will be held at noon on 24 July, 2015, and at 1 pm on 27 July, 2015, at Taw Win Hall in Gyogone, Insein Township.
The enterprise said further information is available at its website

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