We must respond to any false allegations with patience and truth

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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • During the general debate of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly held at the UN headquarters in New York, Nigeria, France, Turkey, Afghanistan, UAE, Malaysia, Maldives and Czech including Bangladesh made false allegations concerning Myanmar, using terms such as “Atrocities” “Ethnic Cleansing,” and so on.
    In regard to those allegations on Myanmar, U Hau Do Suan, Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the UN, responded on 25th September, the last day of the general debate exercising his right of reply. He said, “It is deeply regrettable that unsubstantiated allegations have been repeated in these chambers likening the situation in Rakhine State to ‘ethnic cleansing’”. He also said that terms such as ‘atrocities’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide’ should not be used lightly, and the use of such terms should be considered only after there is solid evidence. He urged those delegations and the international community to view the situation in northern Rakhine objectively and in an unbiased manner. He stated that there was not ethnic cleansing and there was no genocide in northern Rakhine.
    In actual fact, there was neither ethnic cleansing nor genocide in Myanmar. Destructive elements are intentionally distorting the news and posting fake news on the internet and Youtube to confuse the international community and the people of the world human rights violations were taking place in northern Rakhine State and to stir up racial and religious hatred. Just in a few hours after releasing the report of the advisory commission on Rakhine State, ARSA extremist terrorists conspired to attack over 30 security outposts in northern Rakhine State, starting from early morning hours of 25th August. We must strongly denounce groundless false allegations which do not agree with the actual facts at the ground level.
    Because of the inhumane attacks of the ARSA extremist terrorists on Muslims, Rakhine nationals, ethnic nationals such as Daingnet, Mro and Thet including Hindus were killed. Many were displaced and relocated to safe places. Many Youtube TV channels originating in Bangladesh and human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch have gone to great lengths to sway international public opinion with a view to supporting the cause of the so-called “Rohinjyas”. Many astute observers now believe that all these events were carefully planned by a master-brain from somewhere to bring attention to the cause of the ARSA in particular and the Bengali Muslims who have crossed over to Bangladesh in general. In essence, the game plan was to gain a foothold in northern Rakhine for future terrorist activities while at the same time discredit the Myanmar Armed Forces and the civilian government led by the NLD which has been working day and night to bring stability, peace and development in the Rakhine State.
    These allegations are practically false statements, in which facts are distorted and photos and video clips are used for maximum effect. In the northern Rakhine region, Muslims are in fact the majority, 95 percent of the population in that region. The remaining 5 percent who make up the minority are local residents and other ethnic minorities. These were the ones who were violently attacked and killed in a ruthless and inhumane manner. Whatever it is, the Myanmar Government is protecting all the people of the region, regardless of race, religion and status, with goodwill (“Cetana”) and full respect for their human rights.
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