Mro National Democracy Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Mro National Democracy Party Logo
Mro National Democracy Party Logo
Mro National Democracy Party Vice-Chairperson U Maung San Aung presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Esteemed people

Mingalaba! Mro National Democracy Party will contest four seats at the request of Mro people. The party’s emblem is a giant gong.

Esteemed people
According to Rakhine history, Mro people live in the area since before “King Marayu” established the first Danyawady city in 3325 BC. In our hearts, we presume that ethnic Rakhine people and ethnic Chin people, who live together with us through thick and thin, are our close relatives.
Mro people live in the Rakhine State and Paletwa Township (Chin State). In the Myanmar Census 2014, the ethnic Rakhine groups are categorized as Rakhine groups (701-Rakhine, 702-Kaman, 703-Khamwee, 704-Daingnet, 705-Mayamagyi, 706-Mro and 707 Thet). In addition to it, ethnic Mro people are also included in Chin groups (446-Wakim/Mro).
The National Convention of Myanmar in 1994 compiled a list of the 35 national, ethnic groups, each of which as a population of more than 10,000.
Number (22) – Mro – a population of 36,000 (until 31 March 1992), which is a total population of Mro people in the two states.

Esteemed people
After Myanmar achieved Independence, in (previous) parliament democratic era, after elections on (28-2-1960), Rakhine State Mro National League party was founded at the house of Captain Kya Hla Aung (a revolutionary leader who fought Japan) at 7 am on 4th Waning of Nayon, 1323 ME (1-6-1961). It has been about 60 years, so to nurture a new generation that wants democracy, we founded “Mro National Democracy Party”.
We would like to mention the list of 19 Mro national political leaders (committee members) who planted “seeds of democracy”.

No. Names Position
1 U Pyinnya Wuntha Chairperson
2 U Ka Chay Vice-Chairperson (1)
3 U Tun Aung Vice-Chairperson (2)
4 U Kyaw Zaw Hla General Secretary
5 U Shwe Khaing Deputy General Secretary (1)
6 U San Hla Oo Deputy General Secretary (2)
7 U Thauk Kya Oo Finance Officer
8 U Oo Tha Zan Auditor
9 U Maung Phoe Tha Campaigner
10 U San Tun Phyu member
11 U Mya Tha Zan member
12 U San Hla Phyu member
13 U Htwee Hla Aung member
14 U Inga Aung member
15 U Shwe Hla member
16 U Ni Tun Aung member
17 U Maung Sein Hla member
18 U Maung Kya Oo member
19 U Kyaw Nyunt member

Esteemed people
I would like to present the policy, stance and action plans of the Mro National Democracy Party. Our party’s policies are
1. Our party will cooperate with other political parties and social organizations (which have the same stance) in working for the benefits of the country, the state and national interests.
2. By using transparent national policies which ensure equality for ethnic minorities of the Union of Myanmar, we will try to achieve genuine democracy and a genuine federal union.
3. We feel deep gratitude towards the citizens, so we will always return the favour.
4. We will work side by side with other national, ethnic people, who are like our brothers and live together with us in the state through thick and thin so that the citizens can live “secure and peaceful lives.”

Esteemed people
I would like to present action plans of Mro National Democracy Party. They are
1. With the consent of the majority, we will choose suitable ways to carry out tasks and set good common objectives that we will try to fulfil.
2. We will always welcome constructive criticisms, suggestions, negotiations and discussions for the sake of national interests.
3. We will encourage the young generation to participate in national politics actively. We will find innovative ways to promote the standard of living of young people who do not get good job opportunities.
4. We will resolve the difficulties that peasants and workers, the grassroots, encountered.
5. We will safeguard women rights.
6. We will make efforts to open schools and clinics in rural areas so that children of poor parents can receive education.
7. The history of ethnic Mro people will be brought into the light, and we will preserve the culture and tradition of Mro people.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the founding of Mro National Democracy Party is not for making unrealistic demand. But I would like to call on (the current government and President) and (the upcoming government and President after the 2020 General Elections) to introduce ethnic Mro language into the curriculum of Basic Education Schools in Rakhine State and to rapidly appoint Mro language teachers.
Thanks to all.

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