Moving forward with mutual friendship and respect


As we grapple with the daunting task of establishing peace and ensuring sustainable development in our country, we can consider critical challenges as opportunities for gaining true friends who share our belief in equal partnership for achieving these goals.
Friendship based on mutual trust and understanding is important for cooperation. Without mutual trust and understanding, cooperation would not be effective.
International forums and conferences provide an opportunity to reach a common ground to create a better world, and they also serve as platforms for us to reach out to others to find positive and unifying ways of meeting the critical challenges of our times.
Working for our progress, without losing sight of values that strengthen friendship and happiness, has been challenging, said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the People to People Connectivity Thematic Forum held at the China National Convention Center on Thursday.
There are various ways to approach a problem, and any issue can be resolved in a positive way through friendship.
Without mutual trust and understanding, it would be difficult to establish a global village, where all live harmoniously.
The world today is witnessing uncertainty, trade tensions, and power struggles, especially in our region.
Traditional and non-traditional threats are posing profound challenges, sometimes from unexpected sources.
Daily reports of disasters, acts of terrorism, hunger, disease, migration and displacement, poverty, injustice, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry can be quite overwhelming for us.
There are negative forces everywhere, eroding the foundations of peace. In all parts of the globe, we can see thoughtless dissipation of material and human resources that are necessary for the conservation of harmony and happiness in our world.
Myanmar, a developing country, is facing challenges. For a developing country, confronting a huge challenge is not a small thing. But we can do it, if we unite forces.
We believe that we can move forward with the help of true friends, who have stood by us and with whom we enjoy mutual trust, understanding, and respect.
Overcoming challenges depends on the people’s firm determination and efforts, too. Despite the challenges, Myanmar will continue on the path of peace and development.
We are confident that Myanmar will get opportunities to promote cooperation with its true friends through mutual friendship, trust, and understanding at the Second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing.

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