Mission accomplished Garbage fire, smoke brought completely under control

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Fire fighters battle with fire at the garbage dump in Hlinethaya, Yangon on 2 May 2018. Photo: Zaw Gyi

Twelve days after a garbage fire broke out in Hlinethaya Township, firefighters, Tatmadaw men and volunteers managed to bring it completely under control yesterday evening.
“Today, we achieved our target of extinguishing the fire at the garbage dump and controlling the smoke in Zone-D, which was the last area of our mission,” said U Myat Thu, Deputy Director-General of the Fire Services Department.
The fire started at the garbage dump in Hlinethaya on the afternoon of 21 April and went on for several days, causing health hazards in nearby areas due to the smoke and carbon monoxide being emitted.
To control the smoke, authorities and experts came up with a new strategy on 29 April, dividing the garbage into four zones and fighting the fire in Zone A on the first day with the use of water and bio foam.

“In the beginning, when the fire just broke out, it was difficult for us to figure out when we would bring the fire under control because the dump is massive. Later, we decided to divide the garbage dump into four zones and follow the new strategy,” he added.
Some 40 patients were admitted to Hlinethaya Township Hospital following the inhalation of smoke from the fire, and of them, only four, who have chronic diseases, are still undergoing treatment at the hospital, according to a hospital official.
A combined force of firefighters, Tatmadaw men, staff of the Yangon City Development Committee and some 900 volunteers worked to bring the fire under control with the use of bio foam and water.
More that one million gallons of water were used daily to control the garbage fire, which emitted poisonous smoke.
The Yangon City Development Committee measured the air pollution level in the areas close to the garbage fire yesterday and refuted the fact that poisonous smoke was being emitted from the garbage fire.


By Zaw Gyi

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