Military might important — Be always cautious and prepared — Senior General

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing salutes naval forces involved in the combined fleet exercise-Sea Shield 2016.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing salutes naval forces involved in the combined fleet exercise-Sea Shield 2016.

As Myanmar is located at the westernmost point of the ASEAN community and sandwiched between China and India , Myanmar is strategically important, said Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services Senior General Min AungHlaing in meeting with officers and other ranks involved in the combined fleet exercise-Sea Shield 2016 yesterday.
In addition, our territorial waters include parts of the Bay of Bengal and India Ocean. Such a strategic land and water location makes Myanmar have a need to be always cautious and prepared, he added.
He continued to say that the Tatmadaw is upgrading its navy to be at full capacity in order to provide safety to businesses such as gas and oil exploration and fishing in the country’s water territory where the country has earned its majority of income. Meanwhile, about 87 per cent of the country’s exports and imports are relying on the normal trade passing across the Bay of Bengal.
He also stressed the need to build more upgraded watercrafts.
While appreciating the naval personnel’s accomplishment of mission, the Senior General explained to his men why capacity building is important and why they should always be on the alert. Afterwards, the Senior General went on to say that independence was lost because of disloyal acts (by some unscrupulous elements), that the political power, the economic strength and the defense capabilities are required to be at their best for the survival of a nation, that the military has protected the democratic path from 2011 to 2015 and that it will continue to do the same during the tenure of second Five Year Period of democratisation process.
Aircraft and helicopters have been warned against flying under an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level, and the ships, big and small, cargo motorised boat, fishing vessels and motorisedsampams have also been warned for their safety against cruising, anchoring, fishing or deploying fishing equipment and apparatus within the five-mile radius of the undermentioned areas where the combined fleet manoeuvers are taking place for the period between February 22nd and March 2nd
Despite the warning, three aircraft were detected on 26 February to have flown in the restricted air territory at a high speed.
The aircrafts were found to have entered from the north, heading for the south. The type of the invading aircraft is not known yet.
Further warnings have been issued to prevent the unwanted occurrences from taking place again.






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