Message of Greetings from State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on occasion of Kayin New Year Day

(13 January 2021)

As the 13th of January 2021 (Kayin Era 2760, the first waxing day of Pyatho) is Kayin New Year Day, a day held in high esteem and high honour by all Kayin nationals, I wish to send this message of greetings for auspiciousness, good fortune, good health and happiness on this special occasion of the New Year.
In Myanmar, the Union Government and the people joined hands in confronting the COVID-19 disease, which is being confronted all over the world. At a time when our migrant workers working in neighbouring countries during the last year had to return home due to COVID-19, the people of Kayin State gave full support with Union spirit; this is indeed a matter to be joyous and proud. I firmly believe that during the time of the Kayin New Year which falls at a time when the old year turns to a New Year, all of you would be vibrant and full of energy, renewed in body and spirit, with renewed commitments and firm resolve.
After the Kayin ethnic armed organizations had made a firm pledge not only to work together for peace but also to build the Democratic Federal Union, the opportunities which had disappeared and dimmed due to armed conflicts reemerged with full momentum. As Kayin State is an important region for border trade, blessed with pristine natural beauty; a region where eco-tourism has started to develop; a connecting bridge which straddles the ASEAN East-West Economic Corridor; it is a place of great potential where different regions and sectors converge.
As it is a border region, it is very important to work for systematic development without harming in any way the natural environment and the socio-economic life of the local people. It is also extremely necessary to ensure sustainability, systematic implementation, genuine development for the region and the local people in working for regional development and economic opportunities. In order to work for the rule of law, freedom, equality and justice within the Union which is all linked to durable peace, we need to have the full participation and cooperation of the people of Kayin State.
In the next 10 years, say in the year 2030, how do you wish to see your Kayin State; at which level do you do wish to see? The answer to this question will be given by the responsible people of Kayin State and leaders of various organizations, their vision and decisions. The decisions and actions of current leaders in this New Year and in this ten-year period would be the embodiment of their good intentions, Metta and aspirations for the new generation. This will become abundantly apparent in the year 2030.
The Union Government desires durable peace and genuine development in the whole of the Union beginning from Kayin State. We wish to see new generations capable of competing in the international arena, youths who are able to stand firmly on their own feet and fully qualified to work on the same level in the technology community; we wish to utilize the strength of these youths and hand over the tasks of nation-building to them. In the year 2030, what we wish to see in practical terms is a Kayin State which has achieved durable peace, a tourism hub, a modern border trade zone, a special agricultural zone, a special industrial zone and a special economic zone. Furthermore, we wish to see in this state a technology-based Kayin community working in unity with their own skills and qualifications.
I also wish to invite you in great seriousness to work for your state with courage adorned with wisdom, and bravery adorned with Metta for your new generations; you should realize that these are mindsets worthy of honour, beliefs which should be held fast, and duties lofty enough to be fulfilled. Bearing these in mind, you should all join hands and cooperate for a more peaceful, more progressive, and better New Year.
Beginning from this Kayin New Year day, may all Kayin ethnic national brothers and sisters be able to continue to work for Union peace by setting good examples, may you all be able to work for the continued development of Kayin State with momentum with the Metta and united strength of Kayin ethnic nationals, may you all be able to protect and preserve the culture, traditions and heritage of Kayin ethnic nationals, may you all be able to enjoy auspiciousness and blessings in this New Year period in peace, happiness and peace of mind; and may you be free from all dangers including COVID-19.
I send my message of greetings with all these good wishes imbued with warm Metta!

Aung San Suu Kyi
State Counsellor

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