Message of Greetings from President U Win Myint on the occasion of the 63rd Anniversary celebrations of Kayin State Day

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Message of Greetings from President U Win Myint on the occasion of the 63rd Anniversary celebrations of Kayin State Day

(7 November 2018)

Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters, and fellow citizens living in Kayin State,
Today, the 7th of November marks the 63rd anniversary of Kayin State Day which has been designated as an auspicious and truly significant day by the ethnic brothers and sisters and fellow citizens living in Kayin State.
I am very happy and honored to have this opportunity to send this Message of Greetings to this auspicious and truly significant event. I send these greetings to all ethnic Kayin people and all ethnic brothers and sisters and fellow citizens living in the entire Union to be blessed with auspiciousness and good fortune.
To mark this year’s Kayin State Day, arrangements have been made to have 37 games including traditional pole climbing, and traditional boxing matches for five consecutive days.
We will also have competitions for “done” cultural dances, “zat pwes” and food stalls, product exhibition stalls and boat races. I have been informed that these festivities will be organized on a scale grander than previous years without losing touch with age old traditions. I therefore send good wishes and hope that all ethnic brothers and sisters would be able to participate in good cheer happily.
When the States/Regions were formed after Independence, deliberations were made in the Parliament to designate as Kayin State all the regions where the Kayin nationals were residing. Thus in accordance with the Amendment Act 62 of the 1951 Constitution, Papun region of Thanlwin District was constituted as Kayin State as an initial step. In continuation, according to Act 14 of the 1952 act to extend Kayin State, all the adjacent areas of Thanlwin District such as Kyarin Seikgyi Township, Kawkareik Township, Hlaingbwe Township, Hpa-an Township, and Thandaung Gyi Township were designated as Kayin State as a second step of extension. Again on 1st March 1960, Myawady Town was designated as Myawady Township and Kayin State was reconstituted with 7 townships namely Hpa-an Township, Papun Township, Hlaingbwe Township, Thandaung Gyi Township, Kawkareik Township, Kyarin Seikyi Township and Myawady Township.
Thus the 7th of November, the day on which the Union President signed the Amendment Act of the 1951 Constitution to designate Thanlwin District as Kayin State, has been designated as Kayin State Day. Since 1955 we have celebrated the Kayin State Day and this year marks the 63rd year.
If we look back at history, it may be found that 11 Kayin racial groups have been living in Kayin State together with other ethnic groups happily and in friendship since ancient times. However, after gaining independence because of the impact of political instability, there were long years of internal conflicts, as a result of which we were not able to do development works with full steam. Thus, our country lagged behind in many sectors. The states where ethnic nationals live suffered more from the internal conflicts. At this time we are working for internal Peace and National Reconciliation to build a Union based on democracy and federalism.
Therefore, now is the time, for all ethnic Union nationals to take lessons from undesirable experiences of the past and march forth in unity with collective strength and joined hands for the emergence of a peaceful Union.
That is why our Union Government has been exerting strenuous efforts for internal peace and national reconciliation ever since the time we took over state responsibilities. For the emergence of a democratic federal republic we have conducted political dialogues and the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong for three times. We have now reached agreement on 51 fundamental principles of the Union Accord.
The sounds of guns have now almost fallen silent in Kayin State which has suffered heavily the brunt of internal armed conflicts. Ethnic brothers and sisters and all armed groups living in Kayin State have worked ardently with courage for peace in Kayin State. They have made a bold decision and joined hands to work under the leadership of the Union Government in development projects with vision and enthusiasm. Because of this cooperation, Kayin State is now enjoying the fruits of peace and development.
Kayin State has the Thanlwin river and is rich with waterfalls, mountain streams, caves and the natural beauty of forests and mountains. These are good prospects for developing eco-tourism for foreign and local travelers. Furthermore, this is also an important region for border trade and commerce, being in the south-eastern flank of the country. Presently, since we are about to construct two Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridges and many border trading posts, this will mean increased job opportunities for the local ethnic nationals.
As the Union Government has been implementing development projects all over the country, it has also been implementing projects for Kayin State development in areas such as transport, education, health, human resources, supply of electricity, development of SME’s, and development of eco-tourism. Because of the efforts and cooperation of the local people, I believe that there will be continued sustainable development.
In striving for the transformation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a stable, peaceful and prosperous Federal Democratic Republic, all ethnic nationals and Union citizens need to work strenuously with collective strength, hand in hand and cooperate to overcome all difficulties and challenges.
As Myanmar walks on the path of peace and development, I wish to urge all our ethnic brothers and sisters from Kayin State to continue working hard in unity, with hands joined together, for the emergence of a peaceful, beautiful and developed Kayin State. Furthermore, as I send this Message of Greetings, I pray that we would be able to successfully build the Federal Democratic Republic with the good foundations already laid down for peace and development.

(Win Myint)

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