Mandalay Region secures 38.56 percent of pass rate in 2015 matriculation exam

Jun06_3Mandalay, 7 June —The result in the matriculation examination for 2015 was announced at respective exam centres across the nation on 6 June.
A total of 33,625 students of 87,201 passed the examination, accounting for a 38.56 percent of pass rate in 2015, compared with a 34.40 percent in 2014.
Of the winners, a total of 6,943 students won the distinctions.
Mandalay District secured a 43.34 percent pass rate with 11,473 students passing the exam of 26,471 candidates and 3,065 distinction winners.
PyinOoLwin District also turned out a 38.97 percent pass rate with 5,669 students passing the exam of 14,548 candidates and 1,065 distinction winners.
Kyaukse District produced a 33.23 percent pass rate with 2,446 students passing the exam of 7,361 candidates and 345 distinction winners.
A total of 3,224 students passed the exam with a 29.52 percent pass rate from 10,920 candidates with 560 distinction winners in Myingyan District.
NyaungU District won a 36.17 percent pass rate with 3,278 students winning the exam from 9,063 candidates and 457 distinction winners. Meiktila District amounted to a 43.30 percent pass rate with 5,573 students passing the exam from 12,871 candidates and 1,205 distinction winners.
A total of 1,962 students passed the exam accounting for a 32.88 pass rate from 5,967 candidates and 246 distinction winners in Yamethin District.
Tin Maung (Mandalay)

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