Make positive contribution to solving Rakhine issue

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  • The State’s ultimate goal on Rakhine State is to find a durable answer for the problem that damaged the region’s peace and progress. If the international community provides help and support, taking a positive approach similar to that of the late Dr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, the goal will be reached in a shorter period of time.
    The Union Government has already implemented 81 of the 88 points recommended by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State, led by Dr. Kofi Annan. With the spirit of good neighborliness, Myanmar has tried various ways and means in negotiating with officials from Bangladesh to tackle the repatriation issue. We are ready to welcome the displaced people from Bangladesh at the border. We believe that we will be able to solve the issue with our neighbor Bangladesh if we work together amicably in a spirit of good neighbourliness.
    In accordance with a bilateral agreement, Myanmar had been ready to accept the first batch of returnees since 23 January 2018.
    Moreover, the Myanmar government has signed an MoU with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to assist in a speedy resettlement and rehabilitation of the returnees. In dealing with the Rakhine issue, the Union Government has not only acknowledged the important role of the UN but has also welcomed the appointment of Christine Burgener as a special envoy of the UN Secretary General to Myanmar.
    The present grave humanitarian problem and the untold suffering of the innocent civilian people of all communities in Rakhine State were carefully calculated, instigated and created by the ARSA terrorists group.
    Their objective was to undermine the Myanmar Government’s commitment and efforts to find a lasting solution through the speedy implementation of the Commission’s recommendations and to exert maximum international pressure on Myanmar to achieve their political goals.
    We share deep sympathy and concern for all displaced people, friends, especially women and children.
    We see the Rakhine issue as a challenge, rather than a problem. No country can wipe out what has happened in history for more than a century within a few months, nor even within a few years. Even long standing democracies have their share of problems.
    We shall not let these challenges derail our ultimate goal of building a federal democratic republic.
    While the primary responsibility to address the situation in Rakhine rests with the Government and people of Myanmar, objective, positive and constructive contributions and support of the international community is crucial for the success of Myanmar’s national efforts.
    This is not the time to exploit the plight of innocent people in Rakhine, particularly women and children, for self-interest and political grandstanding.
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