Loyalty, honesty must go hand in hand

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By Aung Khin

Honesty and loyalty are keys to cementing relationships among people or organizations. However, it is more important to be both honest and loyal to all of humanity rather than an individual.
Remaining loyal to a certain person should not come at the cost of honesty to others. Instead, honesty should stand on the truth. True loyalty should mean a dedication to fair dealing with everyone.
A politician must maintain perfect honesty for the welfare of the country and people by speaking, living and loving the truth. Political careers should only be for those interested in the wellbeing of all people, rather than just their friends and relatives.
A good state leader is more loyal to the people and the country than the party. Even when they make a mistake, if it is honest, the people will continue to give their support and understanding.
Honesty is always the best policy. It should not be abandoned out of a misguided sense of loyalty to anyone. Loyalty without openness and honesty can be considered akin to conspiracy. We therefore need to be loyal to our country and people by maintaining perfect honesty.

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