Leaders should be Organizers

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  • Dr. Nu Nu Win
  • Every leader should be an organizer, so that he or she can carry out his or her duties effectively and smoothly. If he or she cannot organize the public to be on his or her side, this person will not be able to mobilize the support of the public. The public will not follow such a person willingly.
    In our Myanmar Culture, we have Six Leadership Qualities that a leader should follow, what we call “Naryaka Gone Chauk Par” (Six Leadership Qualities that a leader should have ).
    These are “ထၾကြ နိဳးၾကား ၊ သနားသည္းခံ ၊ ေ၀ဖန္ေထာက္ရွဳ ၊
    ဤ ေၿခာက္ခု ၊ ၾကီးသူ က်င့္အပ္ရာ “These Characteristics are: — to be active and alert, to sympathize and to be patient and have perseverance, to rationalize and to think of others.”
    It is easy for him or her to mobilize the people if a leader has such kinds of qualities. We people like persons who are always active and alert for they can carry out so many activities in a limited amount of time. A leader who is always alert can see the dangers that can harm the organization ahead of time. A leader who is alert will have enough time to think and formulate his ideas and plans and be able to find the best solution for his problem.
    The next is the quality of having sympathy for his followers and being patient. It is natural that all followers obey their leaders all the time. However, sometimes, we have some foolish followers who will disobey the leader and bring great harm to the whole organization. In facing such kinds of foolish followers, the leader should have sympathy and pity and patience towards them. It is not easy to do so for a leader, but leaders need to forgive these foolish ones and should sympathize and be patient and understand why they did what they did and have the patience to explain to them why these foolish deeds can cause great harm or loss for their organization.
    Let’s see the last two. A leader should have the ability to see for the long run and have the ability to analyze the problems and dangers and figure out how to find a solution for the problem. And the last one is that they should take care of their followers although he or she may be foolish. Leaders should have understanding for such kinds of followers.
    If a leader has all these qualities, it is so easy for them to organize the people to follow them. Sometimes, eye contact with the people, a broad smile, a sympathetic word, and a touch on the shoulders are effective ways to win the trust and confidence of the people.
    Last, but not the least, having sympathy and goodwill for the people is also the most effective way to win the support of the people.
    Think of all great leaders of Myanmar and other leaders all over the world, they all have such kinds of qualities to organize their people.
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