Lawyers and social media

  • By U Han Nyunt ( Law)

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“ Saya’
“The title of your article, please?”
“ Lawyers and facebook”
“ What do you mean by that, sir?”
“Let’s have a look!”
A social network Facebook, a social networking website, is very popular among the young and the old alike. It is highly useful and effective with quick free flow of information. It creates advantages and disadvantages, good and bad and the benefits and evils, making the former supersede the latter.

There are many subjects concerned with politics, commerce and education, creating a lot of benefits and systems. They are exploited to be of invaluable use for the young generation: latest technology and science spread throughout the world within a fraction of a second.
Suffice to say; it is hugely beneficial for the mankind.

Benefits are often followed by evils; evil-doers are wicked, dangerous and forceful, with meaning results; they use abusive languages with no intentions of who to whom indicated. Sometimes it is blurred ; some severely hurt, but no criminals found.

Some write under the false names; by the name of a man and that of a woman; the name of a child or a monk, a cartoon or a photo of an another person; they don’t write under their own names. They daren’t let other people know their names. They happen to be false ones. It is a pity that their behavior will appear sooner or later.

False accounts
They never hesitate to create false accounts and web pages and other similarities. They try to exploit from other accounts by imitating, attacking, degrading and hurting other people. But their efforts are all in vain; the people have already known the results.
1. Violence and threats
Security is important especially that of the people. If hurt, actions will be taken against those who have done so.
2. Hurting yourself
Don’t try to get involved in criminal or legal cases. Make sure not to hurt yourself by avoiding these cases.
3. Don’t bully and disturb
Don’t bully and disturb the liberty of other persons for particular reasons.
4. No hate speech allowed
No hate speech is allowed to give about national race,country, religion, genders, the disabled and persons of chronic illness; no speech is allowed to tarnish someone’s reputation; malicious words created to give hate speech are not acceptable.
5. Photos and videos
Readers should be told in advance what you are going to share( e.g the contents in photos and videos) Restrictions on nudie photos Nudity on facebook especially sexual activities with juniors, is strictly prohibited. Nudity generally leads to having a weak character and the contagion of loose habits.

Respects for personal affairs
Don’t write and share personal affairs of other persons; Just describing them might disturb them; descriptions should be in agreement with the person concerned. A sense of social advancement is also needed.

Ownership of the copyright
You should have the knowledge of who owns the copyright on the subject. Think about seriously whether you have a right to share or not. Make sure as much as you can; Don’t do something in a vague manner.

Restricted commodities
Trading in restricted commodities should be banned; furthermore, it should not be mentioned in the Facebook.

Don’t plagiarize another person’s ideas, words or work; their ideas and work should not be commercialized.

Personal affairs and security matters of those who use facebook should be taken seriously and defended. Individual liberty must be mutually emphasized.

Rude words and mean tricks should not be ignored; someone should complain to authorities concerned about them in order to be investigated.

False news
Not only on facebook but also in mass media, cock and bull stories are created by wicked persons by various ways and means to get readers confused or to tarnish a particular person’ reputation. 10% genuine news and 90% falsehood are al jumbled up in the mind of the readers to be true. Therefore readers should read cautiously not to be misled.
False news about our country was sent worldwide once to get some people into trouble. We should read cautiously what is right and wrong and have enough knowledge to test the truth or falsehood of the news reports.

Section 500( Libel) of Criminal Law and Section 66(D) of Communications Law are believed to be all known. A short network must not be used to get someone libeled in an article. Hate speeches through social networks are not welcome by majority of the people.
People benefits and philanthropic motives are warmly welcomed.
I read an article by Nay Phone Lat not to add a viper friend to your account. After examining the background history of a person who has requested your friendship, you should accept his request.
Information technology and cybersecurity department under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications have investigated fake web pages and actions are being taken against them. Facebook is an online social media by means of social networking technology. Don’t get angry when your mistakes are pointed in all sincerity. Don’t cheat; honesty and goodwill must be valued. I would like to request those who have created false accounts not to do it again. Those who have created an account to write evil deeds will surely suffer from effects and forces committed.

As a lawyer, I have investigated a lot of lawsuits and crimes; therefore it is advised that the network technology of facebook should be used properly as a hobby or in business. The network should be put to good use in our daily routines.



Translated by Arakan Sein


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