Knot the Closest Tie through Breastfeeding

By Aye Phyu

All expectant and new mothers
Be proud to breastfeed your babies and toddlers
Because it’s believed to be the way best
To ensure their life-long health
Some scientists said breastfed kids
Get more insulin from their mothers milk
With a lesser chance to get ‘diabetes’
Or any other related disease
A newborn is an addition to the family
For mothers, to bring it up properly
Childhood molding is utterly necessary
Through a special relationship gained from breastfeeding
Holding the baby in both arms
Cuddled and being fed in her bosom
With its secured and warm feeling running high
A mother creates the closest tie with her beloved child
For the babies growing on breastfeeding
Those precious moments have a special meaning
Forever to cherish and treasure
Full of tender love, fondling and pleasure
A period of nine months, a little less or more
Many favourite things a pregnant mom has to forgo
For the tiny one inside,
Looking after herself with great care,
Daily praying for the arrival of a baby proper and well
To the pregnancy care and sacrifice willingly made
Add a new extension you can take
To breastfeed and get the advantage
Of a mother – baby relationship so great.

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