Keeping our Union spirit strong

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  • Today marks the day we were able to firmly establish the unity of entire Myanmar. We are able to stand tall and proud as an independent sovereign nation and hoist our flag as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, without fear, on the global stage, because we succeeded in strengthening our solidarity with the Union spirit.
    All ethnic nationals of Myanmar have been living together on the motherland for generations. We have worked hand-in-hand for shared benefits in the politics, business, and social sectors, and to maintain relations. This is why all ethnic nationals in the country are akin to close relatives. We are one family which has to face challenges together.
    All ethnic races must always be united. We must be supportive of each other’s prosperity and avoid harming each other’s welfare. This perspective was included in the Magga Deva Lingar Thit composed in 1905 by Manle Sayadaw as a warning to all ethnic nationals during colonial rule.
    During his speech in the middle of the Shwedagon Pagoda on 20 January, 1946, Bogyoke Aung San had said a ‘national race’ is defined as people who go through hardships and prosperity together, with a united mind. While we must place a degree of importance on our own race, religion, and language, we must place greater emphasis on our legacy of cooperation and unity.
    National leaders and wise heroes have constantly attempted to reawaken the Union spirit slumbering in the hearts of our ethnic nationals.
    The Union spirit is what has kept us united despite various attempts by colonialists to segregate us. On 12 February, 1947, we signed the historic Panglong Agreement and showed the world our collective unity.
    The expansionists had to gradually accept our solidarity and respect our Union spirit. Ultimately, they had to relinquish control and grant us independence.
    The Union spirit played a special role in Myanmar’s independence and continues to do so in our journey to safeguard it.
    We urge all ethnic nationals to heed the 72nd Union Day and follow the path laid down by our wise ancestors as we march forward, taking care to maintain our unity and solidarity.
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