KBZPay inspires nationwide crowdfunding with donation function to support the work of philanthropic organizations

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Yangon, Myanmar, 4 May 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the daily life of people throughout the world, but it has not swayed the generosity of people in Myanmar. From 1 January 2020 to 30 April 2020, KBZPay customers across Myanmar used the in-app ‘Donation’ function to contribute donations totalling MMK 67.8 million to seven philanthropic organizations.
KBZPay customers have the option of contributing donations to a curated list of seven philanthropic organizations: Shan State Buddhist University, Mary Chapman School for the Deaf, Muslim Free Hospital & Medical Relief Society, Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) Childcare Centre, Kemar Rama Nunnery and Nunnery School Education (Thanlyin), Save The Aged and We Love Yangon.
The donations by KBZPay customers go a long way towards supporting the work of these philanthropic organizations especially during this COVID-19 period. In addition to providing services to communities in self-isolation and helping those in need of food and support, these organizations provide free medical services, look after vulnerable groups such as children and senior citizens and support the frontline heroes involved in healthcare and essential services.
One of the seven beneficiaries is We Love Yangon, a Yangon-based philanthropic organization which provides relief support to communities in Yangon affected by the impact of COVID-19. Just seven days after the launch of the ‘We Love Yangon COVID-19 Fund’ by KBZPay in early-April, KBZPay customers donated a total of MMK 5 million. To date, more than 5,731 donations valued at MMK 42.6 million have been contributed to the fund.
We Love Yangon, a volunteer-led organization chaired by Daw Than Myint Aung, was established in March 2020 with the support of the Chief Minister of Yangon Regional Government and the Mayor of Yangon. In recent weeks, We Love Yangon has positively impacted the lives of many in Myanmar’s most populated city through activities such as installing wash basins at public places; providing sanitizer, masks and thermometers; donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); distributing pamphlets; fumigating market places, schools and bus stops; buying medical equipment; launching public education campaigns; and selling basic items such as food and provisions at original prices to residents of Yangon.
To provide additional support to We Love Yangon, KBZ Bank set up a special merchant account and assigned a dedicated team to assist the organization with withdrawal of funds raised through KBZPay at any time. This has allowed the organization to provide relief services and procure items efficiently.
Said Ko Ah Yay Kyo, Vice Chairperson of We Love Yangon, “KBZPay has accelerated the donation process and made it possible for people to contribute towards various causes while staying safe at home. On behalf of We Love Yangon, I would like to extend our appreciation to KBZPay customers for their donations to our organization and to the KBZPay team for their uplifting support. We will continue our activities with vigour to support the communities of Yangon. Let’s work together and emerge from this situation stronger.”
“In times like this, we need to collectively support communities that are most in need. During this pandemic, philanthropic organizations play an important role in providing relief and recovery assistance to vulnerable communities. With 5 million users across the country, KBZPay strives to continue supporting charities across the country by crowdfunding more donations,” said Daw Nang Lang Kham, Deputy CEO of KBZ Bank.
Members of the public can make a donation to support the activities of philanthropic organizations using their KBZPay mobile wallet, by tapping on the ‘Donation’ tab, selecting the beneficiary, tapping on ‘Donate Now’ and selecting the item to donate or the donation amount.—GNLM

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