Justice brings harmony and peace

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Myanmar citizens are taking out mass rallies in support of State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, who is defending the case filed by the Gambia at the Hague, the Netherlands.
Like the State Counsellor, the people of Myanmar know the genuine situation on the ground in Rakhine.
The Myanmar Government has said repeatedly that it will show “no tolerance” for human rights abuses committed in Rakhine state and will prosecute the military, if war crimes are found to have been committed there.
We will not shirk our responsibility to take care of the rights and security of all those whom we must protect.
The government of Myanmar is also fully committed to voluntary, safe, and dignified repatriation of displaced persons from Rakhine under the framework agreement reached between Bangladesh and the trilateral agreement signed with the UNHCR and UNDP.
Meanwhile, with constructive contribution from ASEAN, the ASEAN Secretariat and the AHA Centre, the government is making efforts for creating a suitable environment to which the displaced people can return in peace, voluntarily and safely.
Myanmar’s intention is to continue its work with the help of friends who approach the problems in Rakhine in a practical and balanced way.
Hence, the State Counsellor said at the Hague: “Can there be genocidal intent on the part of a state that actively investigates, prosecutes, and punishes soldiers and officers who are accused of wrongdoing?”
Myanmar’s greatest challenge is to address the roots of distrust and fear, and prejudice and hate that undermine the foundations of our Union. The nation will adhere steadfastly to its commitment to non-violence, human rights, national reconciliation, and rule of law, as it moves forward on building a Democratic Federal Union, which the people have aspired to for generations past.
With accountability, responsibility, and honesty, the State Counsellor has clarified the real situation of the complex issue and we hope that the international community would understand the extent of the complexities.
The challenges Myanmar is facing today took root decades ago, and lack of development and poverty are the root causes of the problems.
As Myanmar builds a Federal Democratic Union and works hard to achieve eternal peace, the international community is urged to cooperate with the government rather than putting pressure by forming groups.
We look to justice as a champion of the reconciliation and harmony that will assure the security and rights of all peoples.

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