Japanese watermelon cultivation earns local farmers good income

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Local farmers earn a good income from Japanese watermelon in Kyaukpadaung Township. Photo: Ko Htein IPRD

Japanese watermelons are earning local farmers a good income in Laegwa Village, Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay Region.
“The local farmers in Kyaukpaduang township cultivate only Japanese watermelons. Some four years ago, a local farmer from Laegwa Village planted the Japanese watermelon seed for the first time as a trial, which proved to be successful and earned him a good income. Therefore, local farmers from the village took up Japanese watermelon cultivation. This year, local watermelon traders bought the Japanese watermelons directly from the farmland,” said U Naing Tun, a watermelon farmer.
Japanese watermelon is also called the missile fruit. “The taste of the Japanese watermelon is very sweet,” said Ma Pusu, a Japanese watermelon seller in Kyaukpadaung Myoma market.
The price of Japanese watermelon is Ks1,000 per fruit this year. “We earn Ks1.5 million for 1,500 watermelons. If the traders do not like some watermelons, we sell those at the Kyaukpadaung Myoma market,” said U Maung Soe, a watermelon farmer.
Japanese watermelons can grow during any season within 56 days.


Ko Htein (IPRD)

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