Is it possible to eradicate Nepotism?

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There are many different systems of governments in the world e.g. autocracy, kleptocracy, plutocracy, monarchy and democracy etc. It is common that nepotism is practiced in the workplace in the world.  Nepotism is derived from human attachment and ties. We are aware that the nepotism is being practiced in family business, companies, government offices and foreign agencies in the world. Giving jobs to the relatives or kindred by powerful authorities or boss or higher rank officials is always heard in most of the societies in the world. Whenever job vacancies arise in the organization, the boss usually selects his or her relatives to fill the vacant positions. Generally, this practice seems to have sense because humans do favor their family members or kinship or relatives in social life. Naturally, we, human beings incline to support our blood folks or kin-folks when we have power or authority. To some extent, the practice of nepotism is not a blameworthy human-behavior, but we need to emphasize whether it is beneficial to the whole organization or government agency or company or corporate body etc. Does it only benefit to those who are authorities and their relatives concerned? Absolutely, yes, it does.
The authorities concerned or bosses and their relatives achieve mutual benefits. If the authorities concerned commit misappropriation and outright corruption, their relatives protect them from being punished. Subsequently, the evidence of malpractice or the inefficiency of relatives in a specific organ of government or an organization is effaced or obliterated. Moreover, the unjust favoritism causes conflicts and disunity between the ordinary staff and the relatives of the authorities concerned. Mostly, the appointed relatives within a certain corporate body are unqualified to their positions or jobs. If seventy- per- cent of the appointees are the relatives of the high boss in a certain corporate body, the poor job performance will be prevalent .This happens because seventy- per- cent of the said appointees do not cooperate with the rest thirty- per- cent of qualified appointees in the work place.  As a consequence, the negative impact affects that corporate body due to undesirable circumstances. More or less, the practice of nepotism can be found inforeign agencies, corporate body, government organizations and companies etc., but sound judgment must be made on recruiting staff thoroughly and properly. Even then, all hierarchies must adhere to the disciplines, rules and regulations and ethics stipulated for the respective organizations or corporate etc. Unfairness, bias and clique in the workplace jeopardize the progress and development of the corporate body, organization and government agencies etc. The high bosses manipulate the subordinates by using the assistance of their appointed relatives as a tool in the workplace.
Gradually, the authorities and their relatives at the work place ignore the fundamental human decencies such as honesty, uprightness, fairness and good reputation. Their colleagues feel disgruntled at the way they are treated in the workplace. There are no unity and harmony in dealing between two groups in the same workplace – the employees who practice nepotism and the simple employees.
Nepotism stimulates the authorities to commit corruption. Thus the organization concerned is jeopardized. The persons involved in practicing nepotism degrade their characters or decencies, and the progress of a certain government agency or organization or corporate body is hampered. The simple and qualified candidates oppose the practice of nepotism so as to attain the golden opportunity of employment for the corporate or government agencies or organizations in their society smoothly. Undeniably, nepotism is a type of corruption or malpractice in the work place. Moreover, sensible people around the world thumb up their noses at the authorities who practice extreme nepotism. Nevertheless, it is hard to eradicate nepotism in the work place in the world.
Naturally, man’s attachment to his relatives is so strong that he favors or helps them by any means. His top priority is the interest of his relatives whether it is just or unjust. When he has power or authority, he surely supports or creates chances to give jobs to his kin by using improper way. Likewise, kin who are awarded jobs will be loyal to their blood kin_ the authorities. Up to this stage, the sentiments, tendency and feelings are acceptable, but they should abstain from committing corruption, discrimination, bias and unfair judgment in the work place. If they can abstain from committing all that bad stuff, the progress of the organization etc., will be stable and advanced. The stability, harmony and unity can reach a certain goal or vision planned by the organization concerned indeed. Equal rights and benefits must be given to all employees concerned by the management or administrator. Unless they pay attention to fundamental human decencies, the corporate body or the organizations will be undermined significantly.
The ties between them are awesomely firm so other non-relatives working in the same work place cannot enjoy sound or fair judgment by the management. Obviously, the authorities protect or defend the inefficiency and poor performances of their relatives in the work place. Such inappropriate behaviors tarnish the image of a certain organization. However, the authorities who practice nepotism will face punishment or trouble one day in near future. If the degree of the practice of nepotism is greatest or highest in all the various governmental organizations in a certain country, that country will be in regression.
In order to protect jeopardy, punitive actions must be taken against the civil servants who extremely take advantages of power, especially handling of nepotism. Nepotism can destroy good governance and the entire operations of the organization as well. To be able to achieve success of the either government organization or others, the authorities should seriously consider the impact of nepotism on the management or administration in the work place. As human beings, the higher rank officials might regard the practice of nepotism as a kindred culture. Apparently, they give unfair support and make biased protection to their kindred. Nevertheless, as for non relatives in the work place, they do not regard as an adorable culture because nepotism persuades misleading acts and behaviors. e.g. corruption or clique.
Everyone knows the bad outcome, resulting from the practice of nepotism, which can even ruin the organization. The people from different societies in the world have come across with nepotism in their government organizations or agencies through many eras. Therefore, they insist on demanding for eradicating the practice of nepotism, whereas the practice of nepotism still persists. It cannot be eradicated effectively. So, be honest and treat other employees like your relatives evenly!!!!!

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