Inequality limits country’s prosperity, stability

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The desire to raise a healthy family, get ahead in one’s profession and retire in comfort is almost universal. For many, however, life is not as easy as hoped or expected. Inequality continues to severely limit the prospects of many for whom life is a struggle.
Answering the question of where inequality comes from has been a headache for governments around the world. It is safe to assume that inequality is in fact a chronic issue affecting the prosperity and stability of a nation.
Researchers frequently describe the income gap as a factor that cripples growth mechanisms. Economists have concluded that wide inequality weakens economies and creates instability in the long run.
It would be ridiculous to blame fate or luck for the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the employed and the unemployed, and the educated and the uneducated.
In addition, the education achievement gap between the children of the wealthy and those of the less-privileged has become increasingly noticeable. A handful of moneyed elite with close connections to influential figures have channelled a great deal of the country’s wealth into their pockets. Corruption and bribery are the vehicles for such malfeasance.
All things considered, inequality, either wide or narrow, will continue to threaten employment, productivity and stability. If inequality is ever to beaten, it will take a long, hard fight.

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