Incumbent govt may not be accountable to new parliament: U Ye Htut

Union Information Minister  U Ye Htut. Photo: MNA
Union  Minister for Information U Ye Htut. Photo: MNA


MP Daw Khin San Hlaing submitted an urgent proposal to the  parliament yesterday calling for a discussion on the lack of transparency in the government’s privatisation of public enterprises and properties and the forced removal of squatters.
However, Union-level government bodies decided not to appear in parliament to discuss the proposal,  despite being invited by MPs.
In an interview with Myanmar News Agency, Union Minister for Information U Ye Htut  said: “Whether the incumbent Union government should be accountable to the second parliament or not is an issue to be reviewed according to the constitution.”
However, Union-level ministers and deputy minsters did offer clarifications on issues related to the conflict in northern Shan State and on El Niño preparations as they are connected with national interests, U Ye Htut said.
Following questions and proposals submitted to the second parliament, the current government decided to suspend its clarifications and discussions in parliament, he said.
“In order to confer on issues with the incumbent government, the incoming government can hold discussions with the support committees formed for to manage the handover of the responsibilities of the State,” said the Union minister.
The information minister also also said the accusations made by MP Daw Khin San Hlaing in parliament are contrary to the truth.
“For example, in the 2600 MHz issue the RedLink company used the wave free of charge from Yatanarpon Teleport since  2009 for commercial purposes, so the government tendered out that wave in order not to cause any more losses for the State,” said the Union minister.
The government has a plan to backdate the costs to year the company started to use the wave, he added.
Though members of the Union government will not appear in parliament, they will clarify to the people the issues raised by MP Daw Khin San Hlaing, the Union minister said.—Myanmar News Agency

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