Improving the quality of education through autonomy of universities

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  • The Union Government is working towards helping Yangon University become an institution that offers quality education and produces well-rounded individuals.
    Only when universities have autonomy can our country’s education system develop and become complete. Such a system would involve each university building on its own characteristics and strengths.
    To reach that goal, the Yangon University needs to play a leading role in implementing the country’s education system, which has been designed in accordance with the 2015 law amending the 2014 National Education Law.
    The centenary of Yangon University in 2020 is a reminder to bring back its past glory.
    At a recent meeting in preparation for the centenary celebrations, the State Counsellor spoke of quality education, referring to Yangon University as the alma mater capable of producing skilled human resources.
    The past glory of the university was witnessed not only in the country, but also in the region. A majority of its students from earlier eras were all men of great weight and substance.
    This prestigious institution played a vital role in sowing the seeds of the fight against colonialism, and for national education, national freedom, and independence. It produced leaders such as the architect of our independence, General Aung San, and former General Secretary of the United Nations, U Thant. Experts of international fame also studied at this center of education once.
    During the pre-war era and the post-independence era, Yangon University was not only one of the world’s leading universities but the best in Southeast Asia, with respect to the quality of education. Its name was well-known across Asia.
    Yangon University was legitimately founded in December, 1920, and it will observe its centenary on 1 December, 2020. This once magnificent and prestigious university faced a decline and the bustle in its halls ceased due to an epoch of misfortune. Under the leadership of the Union Government, educational experts are now working towards restoring its former glory.
    We are confident that the all-out efforts of Yangon University alumni, who once obtained quality education within its walls, under the leadership of the Union Government, will help the varsity reclaim its rightful position in the centenary period.
    Resurrecting the historic and once prestigious university is a move aimed at the improvement of the standard of education in the country so its people can draw level with the world.
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