I am hoping for the quickest return to normalcy and will work hard for it: State Counsellor

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State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi wrote on her Facebook page yesterday that she hoped for the quickest return to normalcy and that she would work hard for it. This is what she wrote:
Having to stay at home can be for many reasons.
It could be for many reasons such as illness, tiredness, house arrest or for being occupied fully with religious practices. The last reason is, of course, the best one.
I heard that one of my friends spent about 7 hours each day with religious practices and that this friend was able to go to bed with a peaceful mind with satisfaction.
I feel empathy for this friend and I am also encouraged.
Having to stay at home to prevent COVID infection spread and having to stay at home for other reasons may have similarities as well as differences. One day, one time, on one occasion, books about COVID experiences will come out.
I have heard that the amount of commuters and traffic has increased in Yangon. As the largest number of COVID infected cases have been found in Yangon, there is a special need to follow the health guidelines and rules with great care.
I understand that there may be a need to go out of the house for many reasons, for example, for work. That’s why I want a return to normalcy soonest. I will work hard for it. However, at this time you need to have patience. Please have patience. At a point in time in the future, you could write about how you tolerated with patience.
One effective method to prevent the spread of this disease is to wear the mask systematically. I am thinking of organizing a Mask competition to encourage the habit of wearing masks. Are you interested? This is something you can do from home!
(Translated by Kyaw Myaing)

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