Humans among humans

By Khin Moh Moh Aung
Yadanabon University31 8 2018 S8 72

Living in a colorful world is a special chance for human beings. According to Buddhism, there is a saying, “To be a human being is very difficult”. We have become a human being because we did the good doings in the past life. So, we should be proud of being a human being. We can think what we want because we are human beings. We can do what we want because we are human beings. And we can communicate with each other through different means because we are human beings. Some people, however, are being alive by thinking themselves in pessimistic ways. They think they have weaknesses and they cannot do whatever they want because of these weaknesses. In my opinion, they are dismissing from the mind that “nobody is perfect”.
According to the doings of the past lives, we, human beings possess different lives. Some people may be affluent and healthy. Some people may be poor and unhealthy. Some people may be in good health, but they do not have adequate money. Some people may not be in good health, but they are wealthy. Some people possess strong hands and legs; however, they do not have any abilities. Some people do not possess strong hands and legs; however, they have great intellect and capabilities. Each and every person cannot be the same. As the world is made up of different people with different qualities, we can see that we can create a better world with our own capabilities and intellect.
Some disabled think that they are nothing in the world, and that they are just the extra ones for the world. Actually, what they are dismissing from their mind is they have their own abilities. They can provide their good qualities to develop the world. The world is waiting for their doings by using their power. There are many people who are being alive in an optimistic mood. Even though they cannot act like the ordinary people, they are doing the best not only for themselves but also for the world. Sometimes, they may be better than the ordinary people. Some of the ordinary people look down on the disabilities without any sound reasons. What they are thinking is, “disabled are extra people for the world”. Because of their actions and expressions, some of the disabled think, “Am I really an extra one for the world?” By seeing this situation, we can see that it is a kind of breaking human rights. Each and every person in the world should have equal rights because they are also human beings.
We need to help people who are suffering from that situation by sharing their feelings together. Helping each other is a kind of goodness. When we see people who are doing his or her best for the world, we do have to be happy and be in an optimistic mood. Because we can live with these people in this colorful world, we should be proud of ourselves. And we have to do our best to have a better world by uniting and sharing feelings together. We should not discriminate against the disabled because they are “humans among humans”.

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