Growers reap healthy profits for guava fruits this season

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Guava trees are seen in farmland in Mandalay.  Photo: Ko Htain (Ngathayauk)

DEMANDs for guava fruits have been on the rise in the domestic market this season that financially benefits farmers in Kuaukpadaung Township in NyaungU District, Mandalay Region, according to local guava producers.
“Guava growers got a good yield in this harvest time with the use of groundwater, earning a handsome income for them with higher growing local demands,” said U Pike, one of guava growers in the township.
He added that guava fruits are mainly produced from Legwa, Letpanai and Hsatpyakyin villages in the townships. The fruits are usually sent to Myoma market in Kyaukpadaung Township. Moreover, merchants from Magway and Meiktila townships come to the guava producing villages and they buy the fruits through local brokers.
Growers say that this year saw a significant increase in prices of guava fruits. The prices of the fruit increased twofold in this harvest time. When compared with the previous year, the prices of guava fruits rose by roughly Ks 600 per viss (3.6 lbs). Last year, a viss of guava fruits was sold for Ks 300 only. The figure increased to Ks900-Ks1,000 per viss this year.
Guava is considered as a kind of nutritionally valuable and remunerative crops. The fruits are consumed widely in the country where retailers traditionally sell the fruits mostly in the markets and near the bus stops.
Local growers shared their experience on guava cultivation practices that the planting distance between guava trees in the villages is 4.5 feet in the row and they seasonally use groundwater for their plantations. After passing the plating time for one and a half years, the trees bear the fruits.


 Ko Htain

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