Goodbye 2014


Year 2014 has generated emotional matters for us. It is just about to leave us, with pending issues. The world has suffered stresses and strains of shocking events, from terrorist threats to wild currency fluctuations.
Some developing countries have seen better economies, increasing foreign investments and better social welfare programmes, while some people in some corners of the world are still under the stress of poverty, labour abuses and discrimination.
While ceasefire agreements could be made between the governments and rebel armed groups, some relevant parties could not stop attacks, leading to the increasing number of internally displaced persons amidst conflicts and wars.
Though the United Nations is trying to settle disputes, hatreds have been resulted from protectionism, with efforts to expand the maps of territories.
Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and typhoons have cost thousands of lives. Causalities in air accidents have been considerable in 2014. Major economies have agreed to take measures to reduce global warming and carbon emissions. It is not too late, but environmental changes have turned into many disasters.
Malnutrition and unhygienic lifestyles have been underlying causes for diseases such as Ebola, but HIV/AIDS cases have declined considerably due to strenuous efforts in educative programmes.
With great prospects of a peaceful world, we need more unity and cooperation to leave miserable happenings in the past and bring about a better and brilliant future.



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