Good teaching happens only when students learn


A country prospers when led by a government that cherishes a strong sense of responsibility and accountability and is willing to improve public services. The same thing can be said of teaching, a passion-driven profession.
To become a teacher, one must be truly passionate about teaching and keen to be an inspiration to both students and others. We have all seen many a teacher enter and leave the world of teaching. Zealous teachers find teaching rewarding and enjoyable, while impassionate teachers consider teaching challenging and exhausting. It takes perseverance and enthusiasm to remain in the teaching career. That’s why effective teachers are made over time.
Frankly speaking, there are some teachers who take their profession as it is in the thought that all they have to do at school is to teach the textbooks to children as instructed. A teacher must be smart enough to make the lessons as interactive and engaging as possible. Judging from a saying that goes “With great power, comes great responsibility”, teachers are required to perceive the responsibility that comes with their teaching career. On a more serious note, good teaching happens only when students learn.
In addition, teachers should be aware that very few parents send their children to school just for passing the exam with high marks. Most have other expectations, too. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary for teachers to note that it is one thing to do well in the exam, but it is quite another to be educated. Interestingly, children hardly distinguish effective and ineffective teachers. They love and respect both kinds of teachers but only tend to remember genuine teachers for the rest of their lives.

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