Global GAP certificates to be issued for avocado plantation

Certificates will be issued for avocado plantation as demend of this fruit from foreign countrie becomes high, according to Myanmar Avocado Producer and Exporter Association (MAVO).
Foreign countries have offered to buy high-quality avocados, encouraging Myanmar farmers to receive the certificates of global Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).
The supportive kinds of training are being conducted, and the discussions are being made for the local farmers who wish to apply for the global GAP certificates.
The association will issue the recommendation letters after carrying out the field inspections as to whether the local farmers are growing the avocadoes with the use of the transplanting method or not. Then, the local growers can apply for global GAP certification, submitting the letters of recommendation.
The local farmers need to submit the certificates recommending that their avocadoes are grown with the use of the grafting method by taking 23 local species which were chosen in the competition organized by the MAVO.
The two species named Amara and Penguin/Zee Gwet researched by the MAVO and the other species such as Hass, Lamb Hass, Fuerte, Zutano, Bacon and Reed, which were legally imported from California.
For further information regarding the issuing of certificates for grafting avocado, farmers may contact 095162855 and 0978880437 of secretary team and 09250805175 of Nam Kham Oo, the coordinator, according to the central executive team of MAVO notification issued on 12 November.
MAVO was established in 2018 and has now around 800 members. It has been exerting efforts to seek the local and foreign markets, researching and sharing the necessary agricultural production technology. Its efforts aim for the interest of all Myanmar avocado growers and exporters as well as its members. (Translated by Hay Mar)

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