General Aung San, the role model of youth


Today is the 101st anniversary birthday of General Aung San, our national hero and the architect of Myanmar independence, should he be still alive. Although he fell victim to crooked assassins over 70 years ago, he is still remembered by the entire mass of people, who are always honouring him, having high respect for him, being proud of his bravery and patriotic spirit.
General Aung San is always a hero, role model and charismatic leader. People love him for his sacrificing spirit, honour him for his bravery and respect him for his possession of six characteristics of a patron. His honesty, uprightness, wisdom and good leadership skills have won him the love and trust of his fellow politicians and military personnel. Throughout his life, he has been resolved to wrestle back independence, freeing his country from under the yoke of British colonialists.
In this juncture, it is worth mentioning that General Aung San’s birthdays are held annually to make the young people emulate his moral characters, to make him their role model, to behave like him and, to follow in his footsteps. General Aung San was a man of principle, free from graft and corruption, sacrificing his own interests for the sake of the country. This is the reason why he could have won the respect of even the international community.
The youth of today are asked to imitate General Aung San, our national hero and architect of independence, instilling in them the noble spirit, honesty, uprightness, self-sacrificing spirit and bravery in order that they can possess good leadership abilities and skills. Then only will the youth of today be ready to take over the responsibilities of the state upon growing up. The Global New Light of Myanmar believes in the youth’s ability to perform whatever tasks assigned to them, exerting relentless effort and with undaunted spirit like the hero they keep as their role model.

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