Fourth-Year Performances of Ayeyawady Region Government

By Thi Thi Min
Photo: Hla Myo Aung (IPRD)

Endeavouring on multifaceted approaches for the socio-economic development of the people: Ayeyawady Region Government

Focused with the tasks for the people, the Ayeyawady Region Government is shouldering the jobs such as that of the development in socio-economic life of the people; that of the development in agricultural methodology; that of the emergence of the economic zones; that of the adequate electric supply; that of the development of the tourism industry; that of the uplifting in individual income; that of the creation of job opportunities; and that of inviting investment.
An interview was called on Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister U Hla Moe Aung, and the performances and the futures works are submitted to the esteemed readers and the people.

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Union Minister Dr Pe Myint, Ayeyawady Region Chief Minister U Hla Moe Aung and officials cut ribbon to open the Children Literary Festival in Kyonpyaw, Ayeyawady Region on 10 January, 2020.

Q: Kindly share us on the administrative reform.
A: In the Ayeyawady Region, there are (26) townships, (19) towns, (11,860) wards / village tracts / villages, hosting (6 point 3) million population.
In nurturing better staff members in the administrative system, various training course have been provided to the wards / village tracts administrators; village in charges; and to those persons in charge of hundred households in the whole of the Ayeyawady Region.
Grassroots field trips are being made at least twice a month in holding public meetings, as much as possible. Necessary services are being provided after hearing the requisites from the people, and moreover, “Mobile Service Deliver” is carried out. So far over one million National Scrutiny Cards have been issued. Stability and rule of law is given priority, and that actions have been taken to (196) persons who sneaked into the region illegally.

Q: Kindly share on the projects carried out for the socio-economic development of the people.
A: The GDP (per capita) was set at MMK (2 point 1) millions, and that (3) percent increased is recorded at the end of February 2020.
Investments are invited, and that the Pathein Industrial Industry is on the agenda in Kan Gyi Daunk Township. Discussions are underway for the establishment of Maubin Industrial Park in Maubin Township for the garment factory and the shoe factory.

Q: Please share us on the irrigation matters.
A: Total of (54) dams and reservoirs have been repaired to prevent flooding, and that (176) water drainage canals have been constructed for (840,000) acres of monsoon paddy lands.
An area of (230,000) acres have been prevented from heavy flooding. Total of (30) water sluice gates have been repaired which benefited (100,000) acres for summer paddy cultivation.
Agriculture mechanization tasks have been expanded in Ayeyawaddy Region covering (166,000) acres. Land reclamation in modern methods have been realized in Patturn Village of Zalun Township with (150) acres; in Myo Kwin Village of Henthada Township with (100) acres; in Htan Tone Pin Village of Myanaung Township with (100) acres; totaling (350) acres.

Q: Kindly tell us on the forestry sector.
A: Ayeyawady Region has forest areas covering (1,541,265) acres, and that (6,450) acres have been planted with trees as reforestation program. Total of trees numbering (7,847,040) have been reserved for (5,885) acres of reforestation in 2020 monsoon tree planting season.

U Hla Moe Aung 0
Chief Minister U Hla Moe Aung

Q: Please explain on the animal breeding sector.
A: Ayeyawady Region has succeed in breeding (21 point 8) millions juvenile fish, and that (5) stations of fresh water breeding ponds have produce (120) millions of fingerlings.
Fish and shrimp farming in the Ayeyawady Region bring local consumption as well as foreign exports. In Labutta Township there are soft shell crabs breeding farms covering (276 point 97) acres.
Total of (1,777) work permit grants for the aquaculture / fishery segment and authorization for catching in fishing nets for (2,066) cases have been issued to various fisheries groups.
Fresh Water Fishery by-laws (1 / 2019) of Ayeyawady Region have been prescribed on 10 April 2019. Total of (7) “Animal Safe Land & Shelter” have been established in (7) townships. Two more shelters are on the agenda to be completed by June 2020.

Q: Kindly explain the road communication and its development.
A: Upgrading of roads have been completed for (85 point 7) miles including bridges crossing. More bridges are on the agenda including two large bridges to be completed in November 2020.
Stretch of (3) miles and (7) furlongs road leading to “Gaw Yan Gyi Island” is under construction, including “Chaung Wa Bridge”. Upon completion, it could be reached in (3) hours from Pathein round the year.
Yangon – Pathein Road is (23) miles and (5) furlongs long and that it is underway to be upgraded with (30) feet wide concrete, and that (63) percent is now completed. In rural areas, (150) miles road; (35) bridges; and (45) pipe-culvert bridge have been constructed.
With the aid and assistance of the World Bank, many road constructions are in progress in Pathein District and Hintada District. With the people’s centered concept, (1,086) projects costing MMK (10,450) millions have been accomplished.

Q: Kindly tell us on electricity supply and communication sectors.
A: Under the National Electrification Programme NEP Phase (1), out of (653) villages total of (236) villages have been distributed with electricity. With NEP Phase (2), total of (892) villages would be supplied with electricity.
Through the budget of Ayeyawady Region, (171) unit of transformers; 400 Volt power supply line for (29) miles; 11 KV power supply line for (106) miles have been constructed.

More power lines are on the agenda for Chaung Thar Town with (12) miles connection, and that Chaung Thar and Shwe Thaung Yan Town would have electricity.
Total of (367) mobile telecommunication stations have been constructed in (6) districts. With regard to auto telephone system, upgrading tasks are being carried out in (10) townships, and that (12) auto exchange stations have been elevated with “multi-service access node” (MSAN) system. For high speed Internet connection, “Fiber to the Home (FTTH)” system is to be installed.

Q: Kindly tell us on city development implementation.
A: With JICA ODA loan of MMK (17 point 142 ) billions, the Pathein water supply system is underway; and that the remaining townships would be enjoying water supply system through the loans, the donations, and the grants from international organizations.
With the budget allocation of Ayeyawady Region Government amounting MMK (3,930) millions, a total of (144) machinery, instruments and vehicles have been distributed to (33) city development bodies.
In large towns and some townships, e- Municipal Applications under the e – Government System have been applied through online setup in the collection of commercial tax and work licence fees.

Q: Please tell us on rural areas water supply development.
A: With regard to rural water supply system namely drilled wells, water ponds, and other water supply units numbering (770) have been realized with MMK (6,048) millions. In Kaunk Kyee Village of Kyaung Kone Township, the river water pumping station with electricity has been installed, and that water is being supplied to summer crops. One more river water pumping station is on the agenda for Tar Myar Village of Danu Phyu Township.

Q: Kindly tell us on the Information and Public Relations Department sector.
A: In (26) townships of Ayeyawady Region, the Children’s Literature Festivals have been realized. It covered (191) exhibition halls; (471) book stalls; where (304, 500) students participated.
A “Community Centre” was built for Nga Taing Chaung Town with MMK (51 point 4) millions.

Q: Kindly explain on tourism industry.
A: Number of visitors to Ayeyawaddy Region is on the rise year by year. Tourism industry edges over (30) percent compared to last year. Regional Travel Management Committee is exploring ways and means to develop tourism industry in showcasing attractive venues such as that of Shwe Thaun Yan Beach; that of Gaw Yan Gyi Island; that of historical site in Eimmai Township where King Bayint Naung destroyed the rafts before going into fierce battles; that of “Crocodile farms” in Main Ma Hla Kyun in Bogalay Township.

Q: Please tell us on the prevention of natural disasters.
A: Rice, foodstuffs, construction materials, and relief aids amounting MMK (604) millions have been distributed to the people. Total of (16) relief items covering (7,900) households have been placed in the inventory lists. Moreover, (21,000) rice bags have been reserved to face natural disasters.
Social volunteer groups with motor vehicles and the water vessels have been put on records for emergency relief campaign.
In 2019 – 2020, the funds from the Natural Disaster Management Department amounting MMK (65) millions have been spent in the repair works of (2,500) fragile and weak houses in (224) wards / villages of (25) townships. The task was done by the Ayeyawady Region Government with (50) relevant organizations. The tasks completed in April 2020.
With regard to fire prevention programme, the e – watching has been installed at Swan Hotel in Pathein, and that the fire fighting stations in all districts and townships have been provided with (40) sets of IP Camera GPS Tracking Device System. Total of (18) shelters for natural disasters with (500) capacity each have been constructed. In addition (39) more shelters are in the future project.

Q: Please tell us on the education sector.
A: In education sector various projects have been implemented such as that of upgrading (529) basic education schools; that of new construction on (382) educational structures; and that of expanding (9) Matriculation Examination centers.
In connection with Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) system, (76) base units in (14) townships have been established, and that (133) teachers have been appointed in teaching (1,082) students. Hinthada Township hosted the Non Formal Middle Education (NFME) system for (40) students with (5) teachers with the sponsorship of Ayeyawady Regional Government.
Q: Please tell us on healthcare sector.
A: Development in healthcare sector has been witnessed such as that of two sub-township hospital / station hospital; that of (21) housing units for staff members; (18) rural healthcare centres; and (11) sub-rural healthcare centres.
With the intent to help assist the poor, vulnerable and marginalized population, the Healthcare Assistance Committees have been formed in (26) townships. Each township is assigned with one Principal Officer with the honorarium of MMK (200,000), and that (26) officers have been assigned.
Two workshops on healthcare related topics have been realized, and that well wishers have donated funds amounting MMK (186) millions. MMK (76) millions have been handed to (2,707) patients.
Moreover, the new storage for vaccines has been successfully constructed, and that (100,000) shots of vaccines for one year children have been stored. In the eradication of TB, the mobile X-Rays vehicle is rolling ahead in the campaign for that disease.

Q: Kindly share us the message to the people as the Prime Minister of Ayeyawady Region Government.
A: In conclusion, the Ayeyawady Region Government is doing its best in the awareness raising campaign to the public in connection with the COVID – 19 world pandemic. Meetings have been convened and that advanced preparation have been organized in the COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Treatment, including the purchase of necessary items. All in all, a healthcare emergency relief fund is to be raised in keeping the people in Ayeyawady Region away from the virus and the harm’s way. Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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