Four reach level-3 of Peace Music Festival

Peace music festival in progress in Mandalay.  Photo: Mandalay Sub-Printing House
Peace music festival in progress in Mandalay. Photo: Mandalay Sub-Printing House

Two reached the level 3 of the peace music festival in Mandalay in which nine contestants took part in the second event of the level-2 yesterday.
The event 1 and event 2 of the level 2 were held in Mandalay on 21 and 22 October and another two were selected for level 3 in the event one.
After the two-day event, four winners Sa Paung, Linn Thit, Phone Wai Thwin and Khin Thuzar Tun emerged.
Nay Pyi Taw will host the events 3 and 4 of the level-2 on 28 and 29 October.
Two each from the four events of the level two and another two under the judges’ recommendation totalling 10 will be selected for the level 3.
The ten contestants will have to take part in the Grand Final for first, second and third and seven consolation prizes. The first prize winner will get K 30 million, the second prize winner K 20 million, the third prize winner K 10 million and each consolation prize winner K 3 million.
The country’s popular vocalists and all the contestants will entertain the public at the Grand Final.
Participants of the music festival and other well-wishers presented donations for the IDP camps. MRTV is airing the program live. The festival is held in honour of the peace process effort and the country’s advance toward democracy, officials said.
During the final stage, 10 selected songs for 10 contestants to sing will be composed by well-known composers. A Music Live Show will be held featuring famous vocalists performing solos, duets and group entertainment. The last three winners will receive the largest prizes. —MinHtet Aung (Sub-printing House)

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