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Forum on printing industry development

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Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint looks at printing paper at the Forum on printing industry development held in Yangon on 30 September, 2017. Photo: MNA

With an aim for continued existence and development of the print industry and to provide modern printing technology to printing businesses, the Ministry of Information and the Myanmar Printers & Publishers Association (MPPA) organised the Myanmar Printing Industry Forum – 2017 which was held yesterday morning at the Sedona Hotel in Yangon.
Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint delivered a speech, in which he noted that opportunities for printing businesses and printing technologies would be discussed.
Printing press and printing technology has changed, and with the onset of electronic media, there is fear of the print media sector disappearing. Despite those fears, researchers pointed out that print is far from disappearing, but rather than appearing in the old form, it is appearing in many new forms and will continue to develop, the minister said.
Printing businesses need to innovate for the existence and development of print industry, and it is for this reason that today’s forum was held, said the Union Minister.
“Individually or collectively as a group, people in the business should discuss and review. New ideas and methods to develop the entire printing industry will come out of discussion like this. By working together, opportunities for success will be achieved”, he said.
The Myanmar printing industry is not at a stage where anyone should be worried, the minister continued. But globally, the print business is believed to be declining. At a time when discussions and thoughts were put in for existence and development, our country’s printing businesses discussing to find ways for development is a sign of being ahead of time rather than being late. Therefore, our printing businesses should discuss ways recognising opportunities and develop them while obtaining new technology and achieving success. The Union Minister also expressed his hopes that good results will come out of the forum for printing technology and printing industry development.
Afterwards, MPPA Chairman U Min Han gave a welcoming speech.
U Kyaw Thu from Graphic Consult Group, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Operation Pte. Ltd Operation Manager Mr. Timothy J. Howard, Myo Kyun Tha Co. Ltd. Managing Director U Thein Zan and MPPA joint secretary U Kyaw Htay Min discussed “Modern printing technology,” “Publishing and printing digitally,” “Graphic systems” and “Development of print industry”, respectively and forum attendees asked questions on the topics.
In the afternoon, the Ministry of Information’s Printing and Publishing Department, MPPA, printing businesses and experts discussed the topics of opportunities for development of businesses related to the printing business and technology development in printing and publishing.
The forum was attended by the MPPA Chairman, the Vice Chairman, executive members, experts from local and foreign printing businesses, departmental officials and interested persons.
“With the appearance of social media, printing businesses that rely on newspapers, journals and magazines are declining. Currently, printing businesses appear to be weakening.
The forum was held to prevent this. The belief is that if a public company that involves all materialises from this forum, it would be able to face the competition from foreign investment.” said MPPA Chairman U Min Han.
MPPA was formed in 1990 with an aim to instill unity among members, achieve technological parity internationally in development, increase job opportunities and act as a bridge between member businesses and the government.

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