Fifty-seven cyclone shelters under construction in Ayeyawady Region

A cyclone shelter is seen in Ayeyawady Region. Photo: Thuzar Nwe (Pyapon)
A cyclone shelter is seen in Ayeyawady Region. Photo: Thuzar Nwe (Pyapon)

Fifty-seven cyclone shelters are being constructed in Ayeyawady Region to keep people safe in the event of a natural disaster, according to the region’s Department of Disaster Management.
“Ayeyawady Region gets a lot of rain ever year, and it has plenty of creeks and rivers, which is why floods are common here. As it was one of the regions affected by cyclone Nargis, it is essential that people here have cyclone shelters to protect them from natural disasters, especially storms. For this reason, cyclone shelters have been built in the designated fiscal years,” said U Than Soe, the Director of the Regional Department of Disaster Management.
“We hope to protect people from natural disasters by building more shelters. Permission to stay in the shelters will depend on the intensity of the disaster,” he added.
Weather experts have predicted higher rainfall this year compared to previously, which may lead to floods.
“Disaster management teams are on standby. We want to request public collaboration, too. There will be rescue teams and fiber boats for emergency response, besides cyclone shelters. Rescue equipment, in proportion with the households, are being kept at the regional and district offices. Educational seminars on natural disasters and drills have been conducted,” he said.

A cyclone shelter is seen in Ayeyawady Region. Photo: Thuzar Nwe (Pyapon)
A cyclone shelter is seen in Ayeyawady Region. Photo: Thuzar Nwe (Pyapon)

There are 57 cyclone shelters being built in Ayeyawady region: 5 in Phyapon Township, 5 in Daydayal Township, 10 in Bogale, Township, 2 in Latputar Township, 15 in Pyinsalu Township,1 in Mawlamyine Kyun Township, 1 in Pathein Township, 1 in Ng Pu Taw Township, 6 in Hine Gyi Kyun Township, 2 in Thar Paung Township, 5 in Ye Kyi Township, 1 in Kyaut Kone Township, and 1 in Ingapu township.
“We welcome the construction of the shelters in our region. Unlike the time when Nargis struck, there are now strong buildings to provide shelter, so losses will be lower. We have been in need of such buildings for a long time. I would like to suggest that they speed up the construction,” said Daw Myint Myint Win from Ayeyar village of Bogale Township.
At present, there are 90 completed cyclone shelters. Normally, the School Cum Shelters are used as classrooms. — Thuzar Nwe(Translated by Alphonsus)

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